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From Chaos to Peace – The La Dolce Vita Show with Heather Picken
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I was a guest on The Dolce Vita Show, how exciting! Heather Picken and I talk about how important it is to get organized in your business. Listen in and turn the chaos into peace, money, and success.   Timestamps: … Read More

How to empower yourself and improve your business by asking better questions
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Do you sometimes ask yourself questions that make you feel insecure, defeated, and discouraged? I do! I think it happens to all of us from time to time, that we ask ourselves disempowering, low-value, and soul-sucking questions like for example: … Read More

Inspirational Quotes help you get unstuck and make the Days count
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On Sunday, January 8th I posted on my Facebook Page the following inspirational Quote:   This was the start to something new and, more importantly, to some insights that I want to share with you here.   I love inspirational … Read More