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What’s your definition of being organized?
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When you google ‘organized’ you get this definition: “Having taken something that is messy, chaotic, and/or unordered and rearranged it logically“.   Is that your definition of ‘being organized’ as well? What does logically mean? Logically for whom? My definition of … Read More

What happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation?
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Have you ever wondered what happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation? My dear friend and fellow Clutter Clearing Practitioner Annette Kurtz was featured by the Nevada Business Chronicles in June 1st, 2017 and the show gives a great glimpse into … Read More

From Chaos to Peace – The La Dolce Vita Show with Heather Picken
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I was a guest on The Dolce Vita Show, how exciting! Heather Picken and I talk about how important it is to get organized in your business. Listen in and turn the chaos into peace, money, and success.   Timestamps: … Read More