When the pain becomes too much, a task moves immediately to the top of your To-Do list
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  it was the first thing that had to go! We both agreed.   It was fall 2011 and we just had bought our 4th fixer upper in 6 years. There was a lot that needed to be done in … Read More

We give away control too easy !
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A lot of bad news is thrown at us every day when we open up a newspaper, turn on our TV or check out online news sites. To the extent that we all are (have to be) desensitized and immune … Read More

Pizza in no time and what that has to do with being organized
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My very first blog post about organizing and I write about Pizza! There was this idea lingering in my head about a blog post… and not just any blog post, no-no, we are talking about my very first blog post. … Read More

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