Backup system: Storing important digital documents

What is a good backup system and where to start?   I’d like to continue on from a recent post about identifying and storing of important paper documents and cover this time digital documents and how to keep them safe.   Again, this is a big and important part of Taming your File monster is […]

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What happens if you die without a will?

Not having a will puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your family in a time of grief. Why? Well let’s explore     In my last post, I talked about identifying, protecting and storing important paper documents and one of these documents was a last will and testament. (Download your checklist of important documents […]

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Why we are so attached to our things

Have you ever wondered why letting go of things is so hard?   Letting go of things can be tough!   If you have a hard time purging things even though you don’t love or use them, let me tell you:    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!   In fact, even babies can already show “violent […]

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