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Black Friday Tip for a guilt-free shopping spree

Today Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s THE day to come together around the table with family and friends and give thanks for all the good we have.   But for a lot of people, the important day is the day after Thanksgiving … Black Friday and in recent years Cyber Monday has been added.   […]

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What happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation? My dear friend and fellow Clutter Clearing Practitioner Annette Kurtz was featured by the Nevada Business Chronicles in June 1st, 2017 and the show gives a great glimpse into how we conduct such a consultation.   The video is almost 30 minutes long and […]

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How a cluttered workspace impacts your energy level

  Are you ‘guilty’ of having a cluttered workspace?   I have to admit, my desk doesn’t look at its best right now. That’s maybe exactly why I came across these studies at the Princeton University that suggest that a cluttered workspace means a cluttered brain.   Professor Sabine Kastner has been researching attention for 20 years […]

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