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Slowing Down to smell the Roses

This blog post is inspired by my husband in two ways. He is taking me on a 3-day trip this week, a mini-vacation for my birthday. Also, when I was wondering out loud what I want to write about this week he said: “about slowing down and smelling the roses”.   The reason he gave […]

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How a cluttered workspace impacts your energy level

  Are you ‘guilty’ of having a cluttered workspace?   I have to admit, my desk doesn’t look at its best right now. That’s maybe exactly why I came across theseĀ studiesĀ at the Princeton University that suggest that a cluttered workspace means a cluttered brain.   Professor Sabine Kastner has been researching attention for 20 years […]

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Declutter: 6 ways to tidy up your business

I bet you have heard of Mari Kondo and her #1 New York Times Bestselling Guide The Life-changing Magic of Tidyng-up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The amazing success this book has shows how much we are in need to declutter our lives these days.   I have been on a clutter clearing […]

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Keeping Records with the help of a Vision Board

How would you feel if keeping records would become an enjoyable task rather than a dreaded one?   How would this change your day to day life as an entrepreneur if you would get inspired and excited every time you organize and file your receipts, bills, and statements?   Unfortunately, for most entrepreneur this is […]

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