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How a cluttered workspace impacts your energy level

  Are you ‘guilty’ of having a cluttered workspace?   I have to admit, my desk doesn’t look at its best right now. That’s maybe exactly why I came across these studies at the Princeton University that suggest that a cluttered workspace means a cluttered brain.   Professor Sabine Kastner has been researching attention for 20 years […]

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Goals vs (New Year’s) Resolutions

  How did you start into the New Year? Did you make some New Years Resolutions? If yes, you are in good company. According to statistics 45 % of Americans and 32% of Brits are making New Years Resolutions, I am sure it’s a similar percentage for other countries.   Every year when the old […]

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Time Boxing to get things done

Time boxing is a fabulous time management technique to help you focus on your priorities and work towards your goals and visions. It can also help you get a handle on procrastination, therefore makes you more productive. But first, what is time boxing?   Time Boxing: instead of working on a task until it’s done, you […]

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