I Take You On A Journey

From Chaos

Helping Overwhelmed Business Owners

Organize Their Surroundings and Finances. 

can you relate?

Clutter and Chaos is Suffocating Your Business, Life and Soul!

Are you overwhelmed by the chaos and disorganization in your office and files and frustrated and frazzled by your finances? Clutter makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed, sidetracked, stuck, heavy, sluggish, uninspired, unmotivated, and sometimes even depressed. 

As within so without. 

Everything in your outer environment is a reflection of something that's inside of you and vice versa. When your environment looks bad, you feel bad and when your finances are a mess, you are a mess, and you and your business can not thrive.  

What is clutter?

In short, clutter is unmade decisions and postponed actions that hold you back and keep you stuck. There are different types of clutter:

Physical Clutter

Messy office, cluttered desk, piles of papers, no organization, no space

Digital Clutter

Messy desktop, no proper filing system, running out of space, email inbox overflown

Financial Clutter

No tracking of revenue and expenses, or cash flow, no budget, no lead reports. 

Mental Clutter

Limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, outdated ideas, bad habits, unmade decisions

Emotional Clutter

Supressing emotions, hanging on to anger and frustration, disappointments, grief

Social Clutter

Overfull calendar, unsupportive friends, not ideal clients, unresolved arguments

how I help

From The Inside Out

clutter clearing is self-love

It is an act of self-care and self-love because creating calm, practical, clutter-free, and supportive environments significantly reduces stress and overwhelm. An excess of stuff weighs you down and keeps you stuck. Through the process of letting go and organizing you gain clarity and momentum, and get to experience that being organized makes you feel focused, empowered, and in charge. Learn more >>>

setting up your space for success

The more objects in the visual field, the harder our brain has to work to filter them out. This is causing the brain to get tired quicker and reduces its ability to focus and function. I show you a simple and easy way with different zones on how to set up your physical and virtual workspace for success. Learn more >>>

elegant finances

is what I call finances that are in order and up-to-date so they serve and guide you instead of stressing you out. To be the CEO and in charge of your business, you need to stop creating your finances only for the tax man, instead use an accurate picture of your business’s financial health to make better decisions that serve YOU and your business. Learn more >>>

how working with me is different

From Chaos to Peace with Ease

I come at it from a spiritual angle and include tools like Astrology, Moon Power, and Oracle cards and help you get to know yourself better and understand and accept "how you tick". From this awareness I help you focus and surround yourself with what you love and what supports you. 

Aligning your space with your priorities in life and business makes it easier to let go of the rest. 

At the same time I am relentlessly focused on the practical aspect, on translating the insights into something actionable, laid out as clearly as possible and for you to be able to do in "a few minutes a day" in a consistent and sustainable way. 

Chaos and overwhelm will be a distant memory of the past as you get a sense of focus, ease and flow

The journey

A Few Minutes A Day Keep The Chaos Away

Mindset & Personality

There is no one fits all approach. We use your Astrology chart to figure out the best approach FOR YOU.

Letting go/Organizing

We tackle the chaos, purge, organize and structure the rest in a way that supports you in your daily work. 

Growing and Thriving

Systems and processes create a solid foundation to grow & thrive, you save time and make more money. 

Hi! I'm Conny   (she/her/hers)

In the past 24+ years I have helped countless clients to declutter and organize their offices, files and finances. 

When you have your environment in order, your head is free and clear and your energy and creative juices can flow freely into your passion that got you to start your business in the first place.

The best part about it: your next tax season will feel like a walk in the park.

Not ready yet to work with me? 

Get inspiration from the Podcast

where I explore, sometimes solo and often with an awesome guest, how a few minutes a day really can keep the chaos away and how clutter is so much more than you think!


What My Clients Say: 

I have used the zones for getting organized

" ... and clearing flat surfaces. Now getting the systems in place is great to keep it clear. Zones are working for my kitchen, bedroom and personal desk as well as all shelves and floor space are being honoured."

Nancy Marie Stubbs


Having all that open space keeps me concentrated on the task

"After working with Conny, I have been able to keep my desk clear for the most part. I have been doing all of my work; when at home, from my desk which I was not able to do before."



I feel so free and peaceful when I walk into my office now

" – It’s’ what I have always wanted and never knew how to do it or why I was having so much trouble doing it. Thanks so very much Conny – my dream come true You are super great!!!!”"

Donna Willon


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