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The two books that influenced me the most in 2017

While 2017 is coming to an end we see a lot of reviews and “This was 2017” posts, I decided, this year, I would make make one myself. Now don’t worry I will not give you a long account of what all happened to me in 2017, I keep it decluttered and just talk about […]

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The Best Christmas Gift of All Time

  12 Days to Christmas!   Are you still in the Christmas gift frenzy? Are you running around trying to find the perfect gift for every person on your list?   While it is an old tradition to give each other gifts (you can read its history here) the gift giving how we know it […]

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Clutter Clearing and Mercury retrograde

Mercury is currently retrograde from December 3 to 23, 2017! (if you read this after December 23rd, 2017 check here to find out when Mercury is retrograde next).    What does that mean for you and your life and business? Mercury rules communication, contracts, agreements, codes (i.e. computer code), transportation, shipping, travel, automobiles etc. Things that […]

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Declutter Your Bathroom in 3 easy steps (and a bonus tip)

This blog post on how to declutter your bathroom was inspired by a comment that somebody made in my Facebook Group. She said:    … my clutter pain point right now is under the bathroom sink. I seem to collect bottles and jars of personal grooming products…   Image Source:   From all I know, she […]

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Black Friday Tip for a guilt-free shopping spree

Today Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s THE day to come together around the table with family and friends and give thanks for all the good we have.   But for a lot of people, the important day is the day after Thanksgiving … Black Friday and in recent years Cyber Monday has been added.   […]

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Ignite your Life – Swiss Rebel Clutter Clearer

I was a guest on Leanne Blaney’s Ignite your Life Podcast. Leanne calls herself a Life Igniter and her business is called Master your Mountain.  She specializes in working with women who want to break free of the daily grind, empower themselves, add adventure and variety to their lives and live life to the fullest every […]

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Backup system: Storing important digital documents

What is a good backup system and where to start?   I’d like to continue on from a recent post about identifying and storing of important paper documents and cover this time digital documents and how to keep them safe.   Again, this is a big and important part of Taming your File monster is […]

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What happens if you die without a will?

Not having a will puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your family in a time of grief. Why? Well let’s explore     In my last post, I talked about identifying, protecting and storing important paper documents and one of these documents was a last will and testament. (Download your checklist of important documents […]

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