February 1, 2022

Find Unconventional Approaches

New Moon in Aquarius invites us and helps us to find unconventional approaches to achieve our goals and intentions, lets go.

Where are you standing in terms of your goals and intentions for 2022?

I am asking because statistically February is the month were most people have already forgotten about and/or abandoned their goals and New Years resolutions.

I read in the New York Post that a new poll found that February 1st is officially when people call it quits on their New Years resolutions. It takes only 32 days for the average person to break their resolution(s) — but even more, 68% are giving up their resolutions even sooner than that. I read somewhere that date was January 12th.

But this doesn't have to happen, you can stay the course if you update and renew your intentions, goals and resolutions, on a regular basis, for example every New Moon as I talked a few times already on this blog.

This will keeps them front and center and so that you actually work towards your goals and dreams - even if only a few minutes a day and achieve what you are hoping to achieve.

And guess what, we have a New Moon just in time to bring our goals and resolutions into the forefront. Depending on where you are in the world, the New Moon in Aquarius is either January 31st or Tuesday February 1st, 2022.

We Now Have Structures In Place

January was all about putting structures in place. I talked about that on my podcast in episode 106, when we did some love tours and were checking what's working and what we're grateful for and want to keep.

What structures, plans, systems, and automation did you (start to) put in place that support you in what you want to accomplish in 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

These strong foundation will come in very handy when nature wakes up, when it's spring and we too feel more energy to move ahead on our goal

In episode 108 I shared with you my simple framework of how to set up your workspace for success and last week in episode 109 I talked about how to tame your file monster, instead of feeding it.

Both help to put a supportive environment and solid structures in place. Now the energy is changing.

New Moon in Aquarius

The sun has already moved into Aquarius and now we also have the Moon in Aquarius, meeting the Sun, which creates New Moon, as you know by now, perfect for intention setting, and recommitting to our goals.

What we can do is also factoring in the specific energy of this New Moon and I see how we can use it to boost the progress towards our goals.

How you might wonder?

Well, Aquarius energy is all about coming up with

  • new ideas and inventions
  • with unconventional approaches
  • unique approaches
  • or allowing yourself to put a unique magic spin on things.

One unconventional approach for example could be to get away from making new intentions and goals only once a year on New Year. Instead declare any day is a good day to make a resolution or intention and then instead of forgetting about them you do regular check ins and recommitments for example every New and Full Moon - or if that sounds too woo-woo for you, every 1st and 15th of the month.

Finding Unconventional Approaches

Another idea is, to brainstorm new, unique ways on how you could achieve your goals. If what you have done so far hasn't been working, maybe come up with something completely different to try, something unconventional.

Maybe you do try out the 'a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away' approach after all, even if you felt so far that this will not get you anywhere.

Your old approach didn't get you the results you want, so why not do something different, find another unique outside the box way. Don't just give up on yourself and your goals and dreams.

Big Visions

Aquarius is also the energy of big visions and creating win-win situations, finding unique and unconventional ways to create outcomes that are good for others as well as ourselves.

It's an energy that wants to work for the betterment of the human race... that sounds like a grand task, right.

The way I interpret this is, you can ask yourself

  • what is the big picture of what I am doing or want to do?
  • what is my big WHY?
  • what is the legacy I want to leave for this world?

If you don't have a mission or purpose yet, thinking and journaling about these questions might a good idea. Because putting your goals and intentions in a bigger context will help motivate you to stay on track and working towards it.

Even if your goal isn't that grand, maybe it's 'just' being less stressed, or healthier, or to sleep more or what ever it is. Ask yourself, how does your goal benefit others, how could it be a win-win if you achieved it ?

Most things we do in life have a ripple effect.

Do You Have The Right Network?

Aquarius energy is also about our friends and our network, so ask yourself if you are surrounded by the right kind of people.

Ideally your network is supportive, does not let you forget and abandon what you want to achieve, helps you stay on track, and keeps you accountable so you don't sabotage yourself.

If you don't have this kind of network yet, use this New Moon to set the intention to find it, use unique and unconventional ways to find it, your success in life and business might depend on it. 

To summarize, harness this New Moon energy and use it to your advantage.

Go ahead and proof that statistic wrong, don't abandon your goals and resolutions, instead recommit. Brainstorm new, unique and unconventional ways, surround yourself with a supportive network and start creating win-win situations so all of you achieve your goals in 2022.

Always remember you achieve anything by taking small steps, a few minutes a day, by keep going and not quitting.

If you are ready to go on a journey from chaos to peace in your office, files and finances with me as your guide, opportunities to work with me 1-1 are available.

Schedule a Clutter to Clarity Chat and we'll see if working together is a great fit. 

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