December 16, 2015

How to prepare to be an Entrepreneur with Jennifer Rohner

I had a spirited conversation this week with the entrepreneur

Jennifer Rohner from

Jennifer just recently quit her well paying corporate job in Retail Pharmacy and started her own business as a coach.

She is a very organized person and loves to plan. We talk about her process of leaving the corporate world. How long it took her from dream to execution and what it takes to succeed.

Jennifer is the wonderful candidate for an interview since she is at the beginning of her journey. 


02:20  How to go from everybody telling you what to do to realizing it’s all up to you

03:30  Hear Jennifer’s trick on how she prepared herself for a life as an entrepreneur

05:55 How to take your new life as an entrepreneur serious?

08:00  Her take on whether it’s hard to be in business for yourself

09:50  It’s the hard that makes it great

10:45  Learn about Jennifer’s Passion

13:45  We talk about the stories people have why they can’t live their dreams

14:45 How Jennifer prepared herself financially to be an entrepreneur

16:25 The hard but important part in the beginning

18:00 How starting simple and less sophisticated is smart

19:35 Did Jennifer do a full fledge business plan?

21:20 How she keeps track of her finances

23:00 Important, always keep your business and private finances separated

26:00 Mindset around business finances

29:10  How her previous career helped her in entrepreneurship

33:00  Why so many people have issues around money

34:25  How looking at the facts is never as scary as you might think

35:45  What keeps Jennifer up at night

36:50  Does Jennifer have a role model?

41:30  Jennifer’s vision

44.45  Jennifer’s hot tip for new entrepreneurs

Now over to you, what is your situation with paperwork and money, what is your story around it? Leave a comment below and be part of the conversation.



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