March 22, 2021

From Perfectionist to Accomplist with Jen Anderson


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From Perfectionist to Accomplist, improve your mental and physical health by letting go of perfectionism with the help of the

We're back to the topic of perfectionism. This time I welcome Jen Anderson to share her story, because Jen says she has improved her mental and physical health by letting go of perfectionism.

As a result she started the Accomplist community to help other people do the same and is now in the process of designing a to-do app called

The big thing she's doing with her app is, she's getting rid of the Overdue status and is adding a Skipped status. The goal is to help perfectionists stop beating themselves up over not getting everything done. She is running a pilot program with beta testers right now to see if this actually achieves exactly that.

We are talking about 

  • How her migraines and feeling bad about not getting everything done gave her the idea to design an app that wouldn't add all her unfinished tasks to the next day's list which made her feel crushed by the weight of all those tasks.
  • How beating ourselves up over not being perfect takes up mental and emotional energy that would be better spent on a million other things. 
  • How making collages helped her giving up perfectionism in other parts of my life.

I started trying to think of a new system and I started designing this to do app called the Accomplist that would actually be more reflective of a change of schedule and would be better for a recovering perfectionist.

Just at that time I was also doing this whole mind body health journey to help with my migraines. I realized one of the big things I had to deal with was my perfectionism.

But you go online and you see a bunch of articles that say "yeah you should really stop being a perfectionist, just stop". But of course as a perfectionist, we have to come up with a perfect way to do that and our minds immediately go to the things that drive us the most crazy...

I designed the because every other To-Do-system or app I tried made me feel bad when I didn't get to everything I wanted to do that day. ~Jen Anderson

Status March 2021 Jen is still looking for more testers that would use this test app for a month or two and are willing to fill out surveys about their perfectionism. If you are interested and want to help Jen by being a beta tester,  let me know or contact Jen directly and she'll get you set up.

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Jen Anderson

is a freelance writer and recovering perfectionist. She has improved her mental and physical health by letting go of perfectionism. She started Accomplist to help other people do the same, and to stop beating themselves up over unattainable standards.

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