May 31, 2021

From Chaos To Peace with Your Personal Tech Fairy Bev Feldman

I am talking with Bev Feldman from Your Personal Tech Fairy",  Bev helps people with the tech part of setting up their email marketing sequences, but she didn't start out that way.

She used to make Jewelry, then later taught others how to make Jewelry and by growing her business Bev got more and more interested in email marketing and the tech side of it.

While some people might not see the connection, I can totally see how you can move from creating Jewelry to setting up email marketing sequences, which I call in our conversation "Email Jewelry".

  • We talk about how she moved from making jewelry to setting up the tech side of email marketing sequences
  • How you can't just focus on your favourite parts of your business and neglect the parts you don't like - like tech and finances
  • and how a deadline can help you to move forward and get those things done

After discussing the tech parts of email marketing and also a bit on the anti-spam laws (even though we are both not lawyers), we pivot to her other passion,

the Bev Goes Green blog, where she shows people how to become more environmentally friendly in small steps and without changing their entire life.

I love that approach as you can imagine, it's like 'a few minutes a day...' to become more eco friendly and in my eyes, the side-effect is usually that you accumulate less clutter.

They have a deadline, because if I do your VIP day in two weeks I need all this information. It pushes you to action to have all the stuff done so that "Bev can set it up for me"

I've seen a lot of this VIP-style product offering in a lot of other service based businesses and I realized it would work really well for what I have to do. 

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Bev Feldman

is marketing technology consultant and the face behind Your Personal Tech Fairy. She helps mission-driven solopreneurs and small business owners to get their email marketing system set up and automated so that they can focus their time and energy doing the client work that they love.

When she's not nerding out on email technology, she enjoys spending time outside with her two daughters, learning new dance skills with her husband, and working on her blog about eco-friendly living.


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