October 25, 2021

Be Creatively You with Samantha Paternoster

Storytelling and copywriting involves more than just written words. It's also images and colour and beyond, Samantha calls it intuitive content. 

We are talking about how to be creatively you especially around writing for business and branging, whether that's writing for your website, for your newsletter or just simply for yourself. 

For that I have invited Samantha Paternoster as a guest today, we are both contributors for the Peaceful Living Wellness Magazine and reading her posts made me realize that she can help us get from chaos to peace and through our mental blocks and mental clutter around writing. 

We talk about sooo much

  • the benefits of journaling and gratitude

  • how do we find the right words for our website and brand

  • the best advice she got around writing and how that looks like practically

  • How to use procrastination as a tool

  • how storytelling involves more than just written words, it's also images and colour and beyond, Samantha calls it intuitive content

  • How we know if a designer/writer/social media manager is a good fit for me

  • What story we need to tell on our website

  • Do we craft our about page saying I or we or do we even write it third person? 

  • how writing is not really that creative but actually really analytical and technical

And believe it or not, so much more, and we even did an encore on Instagram Live, check it out below. 

When you say "just do it" as a writer, it's not just sit in the chair and do it, writing is not a physical act it's very much mental,

When you're saying as a writer "just do, it just sit in the chair and write", what that really means is, stay in one place, stop paying attention to all the chaos around you, you've got laundry, kids whatever you have to clear your head and you have to let the words come to you 

Finding those right words is never, it's almost never easy, but occasionally, sometimes, you get like this great lightbulb moment where you're like, I know I'm gonna use this.

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Samantha Paternoster

is a creative writer and web designer. She specializes in storytelling for brands, helping clients find their voice through creative content and design. With 10 years of experience working with clients to create unique content, Samantha's process centers around intuitively listening to each client's unique needs to create the path for their brand story.

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