November 15, 2021

How To Be Authentic with Evelien van Es

How to be authentic and relentlessly yourself as a leader in corporate or as an entrepreneur to find inner peace and fulfillment.

Evelien's passion and mission in life is to inspire her audience and clients to transform their life and feel their inner power and focus on what really matters.

She published her book "Be Relentlessly Yourself" in both English as well as Dutch during the pandemic.

In our conversation we talked about: 

  • why some people are very successful but don't feel successful 
  • how we can figure out whether or not we are living an authentic life
  • the advantages of being authentic in leadership even in the corporate world
  • how as an entrepreneurs we want to walk our own path and be unique because that's how we find inner peace
  • of course we also talk about Social Media and its influence on us, how we often compare ourselves to others or imitate what others do instead of showing up authenticall

Evelien also shares with us why the resistance and push back we might experience when we start showing up authentically is a good thing (don't miss this important point).

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Evelien van Es

is an International Business & Life Coach, Speaker, Published Author and Founder of Signature 4 Success. During the pandemic in 2021 she published her book "Be Relentlessly Yourself" in both English as well as Dutch (Wees Onverbiddelijk Jezelf).

She has a corporate background in Change Management and Management Development. Evelien is keen on helping her clients achieve tangible results from the heart, that last a lifetime. She works with both entrepreneurs and senior managers that feel somewhat stuck and are often in search of fulfilment.

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