February 22, 2017

How to empower yourself and improve your business by asking better questions


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Do you sometimes ask yourself questions that make you feel insecure, defeated, and discouraged?

I do!

I think it happens to all of us from time to time, that we ask ourselves disempowering, low-value, and soul-sucking questions like for example:


  • Who am I to think somebody would want to listen to me?
  • What if I am too old to _______? (start a business, be successful, appear on video etc)
  • What if I fail?


Of course, this negative self-talk doesn’t get us anywhere but down a deep dark rabbit hole of negativity which results in several trips to the fridge to eat all the chocolate we can find, right?


Learn how you can ask better questions, empowering questions instead of low-value and soul-sucking ones that leave you feeling crushed and defeated. https://connygraf.com #grafetized


In situations like this, what we do need (also for the sake of our waistline) are better questions. How do we find them? How do we ask better questions that empower instead of crushing us?


I listened to this great podcast the other day that teaches us exactly that. It was one of Amy Porterfield’s Podcasts on Online Marketing Made Easy and is called:
How to ask Better Questions and get better Business Results with Marie Forleo


Before these two lovely ladies even get into the juicy part of the interview, on how to ask better questions, Marie Forleo explains:


[pullquote align=center]


The questions we ask ourselves on a moment-to-moment basis
really determine what we focus on.
And what we focus on determines how we feel.
Very often, how we feel determines what we do.

If we train ourselves to ask better, more empowering, questions, it has an impact on every area of our life.

If we start with disempowering questions,
we are going to take disempowering actions
and then develop disempowering habits.

~Marie Forleo



I follow Marie Forleo, and watch her award-winning show Marie TV, for over 3 years now. And when Marie partners up with Amy Porterfield, another very successful entrepreneur, I better listen up


and so should you! (just sayin’)


I encourage you to listen to the whole podcast, but I know, we are all busy and you might not have the time to listen to it all.


That’s why I made it really easy for you to learn this technique of asking better questions.


I paid close attention to the podcast and created time stamps so you can jump directly to the low-value question that interests you the most.

11:36 – This is when the interview with Marie actually starts

16:48 – Low-value question #1: What if no one buys what I’m selling?

22:36 – Low-value question #2: What if they think I’m a fraud?

28:19 – Low-value question #3: I don’t have enough _______ experience/time/money/know-how/exposure) so how can I possibly compete in my market?

33:15 – Low-value question #4: This is taking too long. Why am I not finding success more quickly?

39:00 – Low-value question #5: I’m too far behind! Why didn’t I get into this online marketing game earlier?


I would love to know if you enjoyed this interview between Amy & Marie as much as I did. Which of the 5 questions, that Marie turned into empowering and better questions, did you relate to the most? Leave a comment below.

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