January 4, 2017

Clutter Clearing your Goals


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Happy New Year, I hope you had a great start into 2017.


Because Mercury is still retrograde I’m continuing my reflection of 2016 until the spook is over, only then I’ll set my goals for the New Year. Read all about it here and why now is a really good time for Clutter Clearing.


How was your 2016?

Some people claim that 2016 was the worst year ever while others state it has been their best year ever. For me, 2016 has been a bit a roller coaster of a year but overall I think will remember it as a good year.


This is mainly because I have achieved a big goal of mine, one that I am very proud of.


Many years ago (over 20 I believe) I found and read Karen Kingston’s international bestseller “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui”. I was hooked. Since I was a little girl I would clutter clear on a regular basis. This without knowing of course, that it was called clutter clearing. When I read Karen’s book it all of a sudden all made sense why I had the urge to purge so to speak.


In July of 2016, after 2 years of intensive training, I became a certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner. Then just about a week ago, I was featured on Karen’s Blog, together with 20 fellow Clutter Clearing Practitioners, check it out here.

Decluttered Goals by https://connygraf.com #grafetized
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This was, is, a big achievement and makes me very proud. But I had some other goals that I completely slacked off. In total, I had 10 big goals for 2016 and I fully achieved 5 of them, partially achieved 2 and failed completely on the remaining 3. This even though I did follow my own advice and reviewed them on a regular basis.


Reflecting on my Goals

After analyzing the past year and some deep reflection I came to the conclusion that goals have to be decluttered. This is because just like Bill Gates said:



Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.


I overestimated what I could do in one year.


I had not anticipated that the training to become a certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner would take up most of my focus and energy of the first 7 months of the year. It turned out that 10 goals were too many, especially because one of the goals took so much time and energy.


Therefore I plan on only having about 3-4 big goals for 2017. The way I am thinking about it is: I will set one major goal for the year (similar to my ‘becoming a certified clutter clearing practitioner’) and then have some mid-size or smaller goals that are aligned with this one big goal.


Yes, this means that I have to be brutal and de-clutter my long list of goals.


But the way I see it (now) is that I’d rather have 3-4 big goals that I’ll focus all my energy on and that I’ll achieve than having 10 goals and having to divide my focus and energy amongst them.


How many goals or resolutions have you set for 2016? How many have you achieved?

As a result, how many goals or resolutions will you set for 2017?

Let me know in the comments below.




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