February 7, 2019

Decluttered Finances build a strong business


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With this blog post I start a new series around decluttered finances which is important to make sure that your business has a solid foundation and grows into the successful business you want it to be. 

Right now everybody is talking about decluttering and only keeping things that spark joy, just as Marie Kondo is instilling in us in her best-selling book and her new Netflix show.

Actually I myself have a decluttering challenge running right now (February 2019) in my community. It’s called Decluttering is Self-love and I co-host it with my friend Vicki McLeod this year for the second time. We cover household, paper, digital, and mental/social clutter over a period of 4 weeks. I

f you read this in February 2019 you can sign up and still be part of it, or if it's past February, you can join the wait list and be notified when we host it the next time. 

I’ve talked quite a bit on this blog already about the effects of clutter especially in the business and office, but here a short list of a few: 

  • Clutter makes us feel overwhelmed
  • Clutter makes us unfocused and all over the place
  • Clutter weighs heavy on us (metaphysically)
  • Clutter costs money in various ways
  • Clutter keeps us stuck

Now most people only think of physical items in their home and office when they hear clutter, but there are many variations of clutter like physical clutter, digital clutter, mental clutter, social clutter, emotional clutter, and business and financial clutter which is the topic of this article. 

What is business and financial clutter, and what are decluttered finances?

When I googled financial clutter I found mainly articles about messy paperwork and too many bank accounts. In my eyes there is more to financial clutter, here is what I consider financial clutter:

  • financial documents that have no home and are scattered all over the place in your home and office (physical clutter)
  • important emails, statements and documents that are not properly filed and saved so you can find them at moments notice if needed
  • all the negative self talk around why you don’t have money, why you were never good with money that keeps you from taking control of your finances
  • when you look what other business are doing and are trying to keep up with them even though your business can't afford the expense. 
  • you feel haunted in your sleep by unpaid bills, you feel overwhelmed and want to run for the hills when thinking of your financial situation (emotional clutter)
  • when you run your business according to how much money you have in your bank account

Looking at financial clutter through the lens of clutter clearing, we realize, this is a difficult category of clutter also, because we can’t just ask ourselves “does it spark joy?” and if it doesn’t go ahead and purge it. It’s not as easy as that, for most people dealing with files and finances in their business don’t spark joy.

The nature of this kind of clutter, if you have it, is, that it doesn't spark joy. 

And one of the main reasons why you have financial clutter is, because you don’t take charge or your finances, you leave the control to others, and hide or run.

But when you think about it, there is not really a hiding or running away from it. Eventually it will catch up with you and depending on how long you hide and run from it determines how much worse matters got. 

Taxes season is upon us, they are due soon, are you ready?

Because the more you procrastinate, try to hide or run, the heavier it is going to weigh on you and the harder it will be to really focus on your business and on serving your clients to the best of your ability. You are cheating yourself, your business and your clients of “the best you”.

So what can you do?

Be brave and start assessing where you stand and what needs to be done. Because no matter if you just started your business or your goal for this year is 100K,

If you can’t bring yourself to open up your bank statements, or get your taxes taken care of, if you can’t bring yourself to create an honest assessment of where you are right now, how do you expect to reach your revenue goal and your vision for your business?

You would call me crazy if I asked you “how do I get to Paris” but I couldn’t tell you where I was right now. How would you give me directions? You would say to me, where are you? If I didn’t know, you would say, let’s first find out where you are.

This resistance of taking care of your files and finances keeps you stuck in your journey to your dream business and financial goals. 

Every plant, every tree, needs roots to grow tall in to the sky. The root system of a tree is usually below ground as big as the tree branches above ground. That’s what you need to get your business flourishing.

The last three blog posts helped you prepare the soil for your tree seedling: 

  • You created homes for your business and financial files here
  • You came up with the right flow for your files from the time they come into your business to their final destination here
  • You set up daily, weekly and monthly rituals and practices
  • You Sorted, decluttered, and filed your backlog to create space

Now the ground is prepared and you have created the best environment possible, it's time to start nurturing your financial tree seedling so it can grow strong roots. 

  • Creating a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to go
  • Creating an outlook for the next 3, 6 and 9 months
  • Weeding out the unnecessary expenses
  • having weekly money dates to make sure it grows in the right direction
  • Keeping the ground fertile with weekly filing, shredding and purging

Over the next few weeks I will talk more about each root that you need for your Business tree to flourish. Sign up to be notified when I publish the next article and leave a comment below and tell me:

"what is the biggest ‘rotten root’ you have in your business?"

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