March 13, 2019

Are you holding yourself accountable?


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Mental clutter can prevent you from holding yourself accountable, and then you don't do what you said you are going to do, like decluttering your office.

During the Decluttering is Self-Love Challenge in February we also dealt with mental clutter. 

One of the participants, Karen, made the following comment:

Mental Clutter was a new concept for me.
Maybe it's the same for you? Maybe you have never realized that besides physical and digital clutter, there is also mental clutter.

(In fact, I often say, everything is mental clutter but that's a different conversation). 

For example, if your goal was to declutter your office over the weekend but then you didn't do a thing. What happened? 

You didn't hold yourself accountable, you didn't do what you said you are going to do.  

Holding yourself accountable requires an internal conservation.

But you probably will not hold yourself accountable if that discussion with yourself has a 'beating yourself up' included. 

No wonder you don’t want to look at your habits and patterns around clutter and really do something about it! Your mental clutter is getting in the way. 

So the next time you're setting a decluttering goal, pay attention to your thoughts and the internal conversation you have with yourself around it. 

Is your mind coming up with lots of reasons why you can't do it now, why you have no time now, why the cleared space will not last anyway, and so on? 

Awareness is the first step 

to declutter limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that don't serve you.

What is going on inside of you is going on outside of you. Usually, when you start decluttering your physical space your thoughts get decluttered and sorted too, and you gain clarity. 

But sometimes we have to start decluttering our thoughts first or at the same time that we declutter our physical space.

One of the thoughts that I suggest you take a good look at is the thought that you need hours or a whole weekend to declutter an area like for example your office. If you let go of this thought and instead declutter your physical space "a few minutes a day..." you will have much better results (and usually no beating yourself up is involved).

Keeping yourself accountable to declutter just a few minutes a day is also way easier and gets you much further. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what negative thoughts you need to declutter and in turn, I'll tell you about some of mine.

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