December 29, 2018

Life Lessons From Our Little Duck Inka


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With the New Year only 3 days away, it's time to look forward and welcome 2019. This morning when I was doing the chores out at the barn, I looked at one of our little ducks and I suddenly realized

it's teaching me an important life lesson for 2019 (who would have thought!)

This little duck is one of the Muscovy ducks that were born this summer on our ranch and she is a little escape artist - a little Houdini.

Every night we put her into the pen, together with the other 19 ducks, and every morning when we come out she is not in the pen anymore.


I would feel better if she stayed safe with the others in her pen. While we still haven't figured out how she gets out, what has happened in the past few weeks was that

  • she quickly became one of our favourites
  • we gave her a name, Inka (only a few others of the ducks have a name) 
  • Inka gets spoiled with extra food and extra attention

Here is the life lesson she is teaching me/us: 
It pays off to stand out rather than to blend in

This got me thinking this morning, for 2019 wouldn't it be nice to be more like Inka? 

If people try to put us into a box, or if society makes us feel obligated to do something we don't want to do,.. 

let's become like Inka, a Houdini, and let's escape that restricting box over and over, to do our own thing. 

We too might become a favourite and get more attention than others. At the very least we will feel freer and most likely happier with ourselves. 

As for Inka, I am worried that I come out one morning and she is gone. It's always a fine line between just protecting our livestock as good as we can or taking away their freedom. 

Let me know if you are in and leave a comment below. 

Wishing you much happiness not just today, but throughout the New Year. 

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