July 9, 2018

A dream came true for Donna


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Short Case study: 

Clutter can be suffocating and make us feel stressed and uneasy. Donna had tried for years to declutter her office on her own and she even has had hired other organizers in the past. She says they did a good job but she wasn’t ready to let go of things. 

Even before our consultation she had spent hours going through files and papers, tossed what she had scanned and/or did not want to keep anymore, but her office was still not how she wanted it to be. 

This is how her office/sewing room looked before our consultation: 

Donna's Office before our consultation. A dream come true for Donna. https.//connygraf.com

Photo by Donna Willon (with her permission)

Donna's request was to create the space to look peaceful and relaxed. 

This is how her office looked after the consultation: 

Donna's Office after the consultation. A dream come true for Donna. https://connygraf.com

Donna's Office after the consultation. Photo by Donna Willon (with her permission)

This is what Donna says after us working together: 

My dream come true You are super great!!!!


I recently had Conny Graf into my home office to guide and support me to design my office the way I have always wanted it to look. I have tried for YEARS to do this and have had organizers in the past – who did a good job – BUT…. I wasn’t ready to LET GO….of things and didn’t know what was holding me back. Conny doesn’t tell you what you should get rid of – or even suggest it – it is your office she says --- but…. Let's look at WHY you are holding onto it – maybe you should keep it?? As we went through the process I realized in many cases I was holding onto the past or a memory that wasn’t serving me as well as it could – or – it was just time to move on. My sign is Cancer – I find it hard to let go.

I don’t regret anything that I have let go of and feel so free and peaceful when I walk into my office now – It's’ what I have always wanted and never knew how to do it or why I was having so much trouble doing it.

Conny also took special things that were really good to a nice hospice and everything that was to go was in our cars to go – before she left – of course, that is making sure that it does go.

Thanks so very much Conny – my dream come true You are super great!!!!

Donna Willon Focused Networking

Donna did an amazing job and I feel blessed that I was able to help her get unstuck and to move on and create the space she was dreaming of for so long.

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