July 25, 2018

Testimonials & The Organized Entrepreneur


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On a Tuesday I usually post a Testimonial on Social Media (Facebook mostly, sometimes on Instagram), I call it #TestimonialTuesday, but this week I did something different:

The first three minutes of this video are about a recent insight about testimonials, after that, I talk about my new group program The Organized Entrepreneur, jump to 03:55 if you are only interested in that.

Just recently I got a really great testimonial from Donna after helping her declutter and organize her home office. You can read about it here.

This week I decided to do a Facebook live about a particular Testimonial that we got while we were on vacation. We were up in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island when somebody gave us a recommendation for a campground in Campbell River.

The person said that this was the best campground to go to and highly suggested it. So we went straight there without further research, which was not a good idea, as we did not like the campground at all.

Now we can’t blame that person, she just shared her opinion. We should have done our due diligence and not just jump the gun. It’s not a good idea, to just blindly trust other people’s testimonials.

It depends on what requirements and expectations you have whether something is a good fit or not. So this campground was not a good fit for us and we did not stay two nights as planned.

In the second part of the video, jump to 03:55, I talk about “The Organized Entrepreneur” my new group program that I am launching. The big difference to most online programs is, that we will all do the work together, so you are not just learning the systems and habits I use to stay organized in my business.

You will also learn what is the best way for you to set up your workspace, filing system and productivity habits and then we will implement this right on the call. This keeps you motivated and also accountable for actually doing it.

Watch the video to learn more and to join us here: The Organized Entrepreneur

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