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Is your environment supporting or sabotaging you?

Most people don’t realize the significant role that their environment (home and work) plays in their life, environments either support or sabotage us.Listen also on Apple Podcast  //  Spotify  //  Google Podcast  //  Stitcher Radio  //  Amazon Music  //  iHeart  //  or Download the episodeWhen we then take a look where on the Feng Shui Bagua […]

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Clutter and the Holidays

All kinds of clutter adds to the stress during the Holidays, physical, mental, emotional and maybe even spiritual clutter.Listen also on Apple Podcast  //  Spotify  //  Google Podcast  //  Stitcher Radio  //  Amazon Music  //  iHeart  //  or Download the episodeLets talk about the clutter that comes up during the Holidays.  As always I am not just […]

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How To Organize Cash with Ean Price Murphy

How to organize cash and simplify your business finances so you only have to look at two numbers to know if your business is ok.Listen also on Apple Podcast  //  Spotify  //  Google Podcast  //  Stitcher Radio  //  Amazon Music  //  iHeart  //  or Download the episode We are talking about money and bookkeeping and before […]

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The Power Of Intention

New Moon in Sagittarius puts the focus on the future and the big picture, the perfect time to plan the months ahead.Listen also on Apple Podcast  //  Spotify  //  Google Podcast  //  Stitcher Radio  //  Amazon Music  //  iHeart  //  or Download the episodeAs I said before New Moons are great for intention setting and goal […]

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From Burnout to Balance with Rhianna Campbell

Rhianna was at the point of burnout, she says, and had to learn new ways of how to be successful without overworking herself.Listen also on Apple Podcast  //  Spotify  //  Google Podcast  //  Stitcher Radio  //  Amazon Music  //  iHeart  //  or Download the episode Burnout is a result of social clutter.  On her website it […]

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Backup system: Storing important digital documents

What is a good backup system and where to start?   I’d like to continue on from a recent post about identifying and storing of important paper documents and cover this time digital documents and how to keep them safe.   Again, this is a big and important part of Taming your File monster is […]

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What happens if you die without a will?

Not having a will puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your family in a time of grief. Why? Well let’s explore     In my last post, I talked about identifying, protecting and storing important paper documents and one of these documents was a last will and testament. (Download your checklist of important documents […]

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Searching for the pot of gold

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, most of us know it as an Irish holiday, we wear something green and drink a Guinness. But maybe you have also heard of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?   The story behind this legend sounds magical and involves a leprechaun. As the legend goes, […]

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