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5 Tips how to keep up your energy while decluttering

These tips make any daunting task easier and help you keep up your energy while decluttering. Imagine the outcome, motivate yourself, stay consistent, challenge yourself and promise yourself a reward so you get the job done.   I have a friend who had some bad luck lately. Her computer crashed, she had a full iPad […]

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Successful Decluttering: A Few Minutes A Day Keep Chaos Away

One of my key principles for successful decluttering is to create daily routines that become automatic. These routines become habits you don’t even think about. And before you know it you are the person that lives a clutter-free life. Spending even only 5 minutes to declutter daily is more powerful than a three-hour purge on […]

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Decluttering is being wasteful – is that true?

This article was inspired by a response in my Facebook group when I asked: “what is your burning question or biggest struggle with clutter“. One person answered by saying: I think my biggest challenge with clutter is to know when to ‘let go’ of something. When I do decide it’s time to let go, then […]

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A different approach to decluttering

If you struggle to get motivated or started with clutter clearing your home I am inviting you to a different approach to decluttering. By focusing on what you love in your home and why, and then intentionally creating the space for those treasured items to shine, decluttering becomes a task that you are motivated to accomplish […]

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Three key principles for successful decluttering

Today I’d like to introduce you to my three key principles for successful decluttering. There is a lot of advice out there on how to declutter, and some of it is contradictory and confusing.  You might have heard of or even read Marie Kondo’s bestselling book “The life-changing magic of tidying up”. You , along […]

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There are more kinds of clutter than you might think

What do you think of when you hear the word clutter? A messy house, an overflowing closet, a garage filled to the brim? In her bestseller “Clear your clutter with Feng Shui” Karen Kingston says, that per her definition there are four categories of clutter:– things you don’t use or love– things that are untidy or […]

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The Best Christmas Gift of All Time

12 Days to Christmas! Are you still in the Christmas gift frenzy? Are you running around trying to find the perfect gift for every person on your list? While it is an old tradition to give each other gifts (you can read its history here) the gift giving how we know it today is a relatively new […]

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Clutter Clearing and Mercury retrograde

Mercury is currently retrograde from December 3 to 23, 2017! (if you read this after December 23rd, 2017 check here to find out when Mercury is retrograde next).    What does that mean for you and your life and business? Mercury rules communication, contracts, agreements, codes (i.e. computer code), transportation, shipping, travel, automobiles etc. Things that […]

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