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Declutter Your Bathroom in 3 easy steps (and a bonus tip)

This blog post on how to declutter your bathroom was inspired by a comment that somebody made in my Facebook Group. She said:    … my clutter pain point right now is under the bathroom sink. I seem to collect bottles and jars of personal grooming products…   Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/   From all I know, she […]

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Black Friday Tip for a guilt-free shopping spree

Today Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s THE day to come together around the table with family and friends and give thanks for all the good we have. But for a lot of people, the important day is the day after Thanksgiving … Black Friday and in recent years Cyber Monday has been added. As business […]

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Backup system: Storing important digital documents

What is a good backup system and where to start?   I’d like to continue on from a recent post about identifying and storing of important paper documents and cover this time digital documents and how to keep them safe.   Again, this is a big and important part of Taming your File monster is […]

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What happens if you die without a will?

Not having a will puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your family in a time of grief. Why? Well let’s explore     In my last post, I talked about identifying, protecting and storing important paper documents and one of these documents was a last will and testament. (Download your checklist of important documents […]

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Why we are so attached to our things

Have you ever wondered why letting go of things is so hard?   Letting go of things can be tough!   If you have a hard time purging things even though you don’t love or use them, let me tell you:    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!   In fact, even babies can already show “violent […]

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What’s your definition of being organized?

When you google ‘organized’ you get this definition: “Having taken something that is messy, chaotic, and/or unordered and rearranged it logically“.Is that your definition of ‘being organized’ as well? What does logically mean? Logically for whom? My definition of being organized is:Taking something that is messy, chaotic, and/or unordered and helping my clients rearrange it […]

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What happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation? My dear friend and fellow Clutter Clearing Practitioner Annette Kurtz was featured by the Nevada Business Chronicles in June 1st, 2017 and the show gives a great glimpse into how we conduct such a consultation. The video is almost 30 minutes long and you […]

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How I will get you to do stuff

For many years already I’m subscribed to a service that sends me abstracts of book that might interest me. This service is called www.getabstract.com and they claim they have the largest library of business book summaries. Often I don’t take the time to even read the abstract, either because the title doesn’t intrigue me, or because I […]

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Routines are Lifesavers

It was February 24, 2015 when it all started and I don’t think it’s over yet. On that day we have been accused of something we did not do, it came unexpected, kind of out of the blue, we were blindsided.   Blood rushed into my head, I was shocked and hurt, how could anybody think […]

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