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Peaceful Parenting with Celia Kibler

Apple Podcast Stitcher Radio Spotify GooglePodcast iHeart Download the episode Peaceful parenting starts with the intention that it’s going to change now, because what we do now will affect generations to come.  Celia is a Family Empowerment Coach and the Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and Funfit® Family Fitness.  She is here to tell us how […]

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Systems That Improve Your Life With Tracy Lynn Morgan

Apple Podcast Stitcher Radio Spotify GooglePodcast iHeart Download the episode Systems improve our life and business, they help us delegate and free up time so we can do what matters most to us.  I am talking with Tracy Lynn Morgan,  Tracy is using her 14+ years of process improvement and productivity expertise in the corporate world,  […]

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From Perfectionist to Accomplist with Jen Anderson

From Perfectionist to Accomplist, improve your mental and physical health by letting go of perfectionism with the help of the Accomplist.appWe’re back to the topic of perfectionism. This time I welcome Jen Anderson to share her story, because Jen says she has improved her mental and physical health by letting go of perfectionism.As a result […]

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Growing From Grief And Loss With Jennifer Waugh

Growing from Grief and Loss. While we all are taught how to acquire things, we don’t really know what to do when we lose something. Grief is normal and natural, and probably the most powerful of all emotions, but it’s also the most misunderstood experience.. Misunderstaood often by everyone involved, the person who’s grieving and everyone […]

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Life, Death, and Clutter with Karen Hendrickson

Many, or most, people want to avoid the topic of death, but it’s inevitable and it’s an important topic, because death is really about life. When we get comfortable with death we live in a way that really speaks to our hearts a lot more fully than it would otherwise. Becoming comfortable with our own mortality calls […]

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How Perfectionism Gets In Your Way with Dr. Camila Williams

Perfectionism is self-sabotage! But what is the difference between a high achiever and a perfectionist, and how is it all related to procrastination?  I am talking to Dr. Camila Williams, she is a psychologist who has specialized in perfectionism, anxiety, and stress management.  I’ve talked about this before, how mental clutter in form of limiting beliefs, […]

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The Only One Stopping You Is You with CJ Lopez

My guest Christina, or CJ, an Air Force Retired Master Sergeant who has found her passion for giving back to people.  When asked who she is, she says “I am imperfectly perfect and free”. But she wasn’t always that way, she grew up in a chaotic household and she was full of doubts and limiting beliefs. […]

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The Truth About Things That Suck with Mindy Henderson

Adversity is a distraction in and of itself, because the challenges we overcome cultivate the skills we need to achieve our goals.  Today’s guest, Mindy Henderson,  made it her mission is to move and inspire people to realize when they take responsibility and OWN their adversity, they become better, stronger people and their potential is revealed. […]

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It Only Works If You Do The Work

  Here we are already in February, how are you doing with your intentions goals and New Years resolutions for 2021? Are you still working on them or are part of the 80% who abandoned them by January 19 or part of the additional 15% who give up before the end of January?   Yes […]

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