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From Chaos to Peace Accountability Program

For people who want to make space in their life and business, who know what they need to do but often find themselves just not doing it.

What I offer you with this is simply accountability, because research shows, that even with the smallest amount of accountability we are more likely to do what we actually want to do and have planned to do. 


  • gives you more clarity because you tell someone about it, better still you will be writing it down, which some scientific studies show increases the likelihood that you will achieve it
  • It increases our commitment to ourselves and to what we want to do. 
  • An accountability partner is a sounding board and sees things differently, you profit from their perspective and
  • you have a cheerleader that will celebrate with you when you reach your goals

It's an email only accountability program, When you sign up you'll start receiving an email from me every single Friday.

In that email I will give you a special quick tip or insight and then 

I'll ask you the Three Accountability Questions: 

  1. What space did you clear this week? (physical, digital, mental, social, emotional)
  2. What are you planning to clear next week? 
  3. What was the biggest struggle that you want to share? 

Before you go into your well deserved weekend, you are going to hit the reply button and quickly answer these 3 questions, it only takes a few minutes, quick and easy, in fact 

I don't want you to spend more than 5 minutes. 

The magic is not in how much time you spend answering this email. The magic is in you knowing that I will be waiting for your answer, that I am your accountability buddy. 

Now of course, what ever you are telling me will be treated highly confidentially and absolutely non-judgmental.

The effect for you will be that now you will find a few minutes to clear the clutter in your home, office, files or finances, because you know you will tell someone 

  • a) that this is the plan for next week, and 
  • b) that someone - me - will be waiting to hear how it went and anything else you want to share with me

And you don't want me to wait here for nothing right? So even if you didn't do what you planned to do, you'll answer the email, and then chances are high that you will actually do the things you want to do - and that's the magic of accountability. 

And this doesn't really take any extra time on your end other than the few minutes once a week, just like my motto a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away, here these few minutes a week will keep you on track.

You can have me as your Accountability Buddy for the price of a cappuccino a week because this is brand new and I am testing the waters so to speak. 


flexible monthly subscription

 $ 17.00

Cancel anytime, no refunds for started months


Pay for the year and get 1 month FREE

 $ 187.00

Cancel within the first 30 days, no refunds afterward

Pay $17.00/month

Pay $187.00/year