How to Set Up Your (Work-)Space
for Success

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Visual Clutter competes with your brain's ability to pay attention and tires out your cognitive functions over time. ~Prof. Sabine Kostner, University of Princeton

The more objects in the visual field, the harder our brain has to work to filter them out. This is causing your brain to tire over time and reduces its ability to function. 

Tell me, do you have: 

  • receipts laying around everywhere or getting lost in your overflowing email inbox?
  • stacks and stacks of paperwork that screams for your attention?
  • bills to pay and flyers to recycle and important contracts to sign all mixed up together?
  • lots of knick-knacks and other stuff to the left and right of your computer screen?
  • ... even dirty mugs and plates from eating breakfast or lunch in front of the computer?

That's why I offer you this FREE email course and I take you on a journey from Chaos to Peace. This way, the days of your desk and (work-)space being cluttered are counted once and for all. 

  • Step 1: Create a clean slate
  • Step 2: Get the ducks in a row
  • Step 3: Keep the helpers at hand
  • Step 4: All you need at your finger tips
  • Step 5: Out of sight, out of mind for peace of mind

Experience a new found energy and a boost in productivity when your brain can finally work at its full capacity. 

Hi, I am Conny Graf  - Your guide from Chaos to Peace if you let me

As a certified expert in finance and accounting as well as a certified clutter clearing practitioner, I was privileged to help countless people with their household and paper clutter. Life is too short to be stressed out about chaos, I can show you some simple and easy strategies on how to live and work clutter-free.