Clearing Clutter is Self-Love

because cluttered spaces keep you stuck inside and out. 

Main Benefits

Clutter is anything that does not support your better self, that sabotages you.

Through the process of letting go and getting organized you: 

Reduces Stress

and Overwhelm

Clutter makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed, sidetracked, stuck, heavy, sluggish, uninspired, unmotivated, and sometimes even depressed. 

Lift a weight off 

your shoulders 

The stagnant energies around clutter weigh you down, and keep you stuck. Clearing clutter frees up your energy to put into your business and areas of your life.  

Gain Momentum, Ease and Flow

Clutter and chaos sabotages what ever you want to do.  Clutter-free environments support you and your efforts so you achieve your goals faster. 


Read about the why and the how of clutter and tips around clearing it and keeping your space clutter free


I have no rules how to declutter instead some simple and effective principles for successful decluttering. 

insightful and life changing

From Chaos to Peace with Astrology

Astrology can help you pinpoint why you're struggling with clutter and most importantly what the best way is FOR YOU to tackle the issue. There is no one-theme-fits-all, this is customized insights for you and who you are. I will also give you some practical tools that you can apply immediately in other areas of your life. 

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About the Author

Down to earth, often out in the garden, with hay in my hair and a coffee in hand, I will guide you on your journey from chaos to peace with ease.

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