Workshop & Live Group Coaching

Regain Clarity, Confidence and Control in 2022

Lesson 2 Chapter 1

This is NOT your typical productivity or decluttering course.

We are blending my (Conny's) background in Finance, Organizing, Clutter Clearing and Astrology, with Linda's skills as an Energy Coach, Master Feng Shui Practitioner, Holistic Health Consultant and Reiki Master into a unique holistic program to help you beat overwhelm and regain a sense of control, even with all the craziness that surrounds us.

You will learn: 

  • how to take action in ways that work for you
  • how a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away
  • what it takes to go from Stuck to Unstoppable 
  • how you're just one mind-shift away from clarity and control
  • the number one skill you must embrace that will change everything
  • how to turn chaos into clarity and pain into power

What's Included:

This 12-week live program, starts on Monday, January 10th, and consists of:

  • A live group coaching call (Mondays at 5pm Pacific Time) for 6 weeks; (the recorded video will be available by Tuesday for those who can't attend live)
  • Followed by 6 weeks of a Mastermind format to help you implement what you have learned
  • Community and support every day of the week, within the course platform
  • Accountability
  • Personal Feng Shui assessment of your home/floorplan by Linda
  • Individual 1-1 clutter/organizing coaching call with Conny
  • Access and expertise of two experts, a certified clutter clearing coach and energy coach
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