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I will help declutter and organize your space, understand why you live and work in chaos, and how to set up your (work-) space for success.

Can you relate? 

  • you feel restricted by the clutter and chaos in your office
  • you work on the kitchen table or at a coffee shop instead of your own office
  • the clutter and mess is suffocating your creativity and productivity
  • the chaos and overwhelm is now interfering with you serving your clients
  • you are in a constant time crunch and experience feelings of stress, failure and frustration with the mess and chaos in your office and business

The more objects in the visual field, the harder your brain has to work to filter them out. This is causing your brain to tire over time and reduces its ability to function.

According to statistics, your desk in disarray causes a drop of 20% in your efficiency and productivity which costs you countless dollars in lost revenue and/or unnecessary expenses.

Why is that? 

Stagnant energies accumulate around clutter and chaos that can make you feel stuck. Clearing and organizing the mess helps free up your energy, brings you more clarity and focus to get your business  moving again.

Do you want to know more?

Empower yourself with one-on-one coaching that allows you to

  • get the exact help and support you are looking for
  • dive deeper into a organizational struggle you face
  • work toward a specific goal you have

Schedule a complimentary Chaos to Peace consultation and we'll see how working together would be a great fit. 

Not ready for a consultation yet? No worries, start by downloading my FREE step-by-step guide to set up your workspace for success >>>

My dream come true, you are super great!!!!

I feel so free and peaceful when I walk into my office now ā€“ It'sā€™ what I have always wanted and never knew how to do it or why I was having so much trouble doing it.

Thanks so very much Conny ā€“ my dream come true. You are super great!!!!

Donna Willon
Focused Networking

I have used the zones for getting organized

I started with Conny's challenge for my office with the zones. I have used the zones for getting organized and clearing flat surfaces. Now getting the systems in place is great to keep it clear. Zones are working for my kitchen, bedroom and personal desk as well as all shelves and floor space are being honoured. Thank you Conny.

Nancy Marie Stubbs