From Chaos to Peace,  the eBook!

A Simple Program to Clear your Clutter and Change your Life!

We turned our four-week Decluttering is Self-Love challenge into a short and simple decluttering program that will give you (and your future self) elbow room -- room to grow, discover, evolve and change, all at the pace of your own wisdom. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom and Peace. 

This ebook is is chock full of organizing tips, tasks and tools that will inspire you to create space, freedom and peace in your day-to-day life. 

Watch us talk about why we wrote the eBook: 

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About the Authors

Conny Graf Lewis is a Swiss-certified specialist in Finance and Accounting. She has helped countless clients to organize their offices, their processes and analyse their finances. In recent years she has focused mainly on helping people declutter their homes, offices, files and finances. As a certified clutter clearing practitioner Conny helps clients tidy and organize their belonging and files, but more importantly she helps clients develop habits and systems that prevent clutter from creeping back in. She strongly believes by living a clutter-free life we are making space for the things that are most important to us so we can move towards our dreams and goals. Being organized is simply a happy side-effect. Learn more at

Vicki McLeod is an author, coach, consultant and award-winning entrepreneur. She is the co-author of Digital Legacy Plan: A Guide to the Personal and Practical Elements of Your Life Before You Die (2019) and the author of #Untrending: A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, How to Post, Tweet, and Like Your Way to a More Meaningful Life (2016). Vicki has coached hundreds of individuals, business and organizational leaders and designed and supported transformational change and engagement strategies in the arts, education, government, business, and skilled trade sectors. She writes a biweekly newspaper column and is an active blogger and an advocate for everyday happiness, mindfulness, and living a passionate and engaged life. Learn more at

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