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Fractional CFO / Online Business Controller

Many business owners I meet are not in a good place financially. Unpredictable monthly revenue and not understanding cash management puts them on a financial roller coaster.

Cash flow & Financial problems impose a mental tax

Research has shown that economic stress robs us of cognitive bandwidth. Worrying about bills, maxed out credit cards and other problems leave less capacity to think ahead and less energy for self-discipline.

Finance problems also impose an emotional tax as most people in this situation are embarrassed and ashamed of where things are at!

If this is your situation, let's talk as there is a solution - yes also for you! You too can have your finances under control (instead of them controlling you). I'd love to help you get there.

Do you have a way to tell if your business is healthy and thriving or whether it came down "with the flu" or worse was slowly dying? 

You might say, sure, I have a bookkeeper and an accountant that files my taxes.

Sorry, but that is not enough!

Although bookkeeping and filing taxes are mandatory tasks, they haven’t prevented any business from failing.

On the contrary.

Taxes are filed the next year and even bookkeeping is only done after the fact, often only once every quarter or even less. It could be too late by then.

A bookkeeper records all your sales and expenses. If you have a good one all accounts are up to date at all times and the bank accounts and credit cards reconciled. If you have a good accountant she/he makes sure you follow the tax code while optimizing the tax bill, meaning paying as little taxes as necessary.

What both of them usually don’t do to just name a few examples:

  • tracking your cash flow
  • setting up a budget and comparing actual numbers with the budget numbers on a regular basis.
  • helping you create a rainy-day fund
  • Most don’t keep an eye on your Sales mix, your Gross Margin (by product or service) or your bottom line.
  • Most don’t tell you that your inventory is too high (or too low) or that you are buying the wrong inventory

From Chaos to Peace and Profits

In the last 25+ years I have helped countless clients to get a handle on their finances.

With a good process and the right mindset in place you too can keep your finances in check without sleepless nights when taxes are due or any other time of the year. 

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Whether it's serving in the fractional CFO role or coaching and consulting you (or your team) I'm confident I can help you move from chaos to peace in your physical, digital and financial business environments. 

Click the button and schedule your very own personal Chaos to Peace & Profit chat and we'll see how working together would be a great fit. 

How can a fractual CFO / Online Business Controller help you? 

  • with setting up an efficient Cash Flow Management
  • taking the dread out of budgeting and forecasting
  • analyzing your numbers sales mix, gross margin, fix and variable costs, direct and indirect costs, effects on net profit
  • with streamlining your workflows, systems and processes, so you can hire your first VA or employee or to work better together with the employees you have.