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Below I answer some of the common questions I am asked regularly. If you don’t find your answer here, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love to connect with you.


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Short answer is: No

I used to do bookkeeping and in special situations I still do it as part of my services but only for a limited time. I feel that I can reach and help more people by focusing on training people how to do it themselves.
[/pane] [pane title=”Are you an Accountant?”]

Short Anwer is: Yes but…

I am a “Swiss certified Expert for Finance and Accounting”  but taxes was never my virtue. My focus has been on Controlling, Business, Marketing and Financial Controlling as well as Organization, processes and systems . I took my exam in 1996 and I had the privilege to work with countless clients – from small one-person-businesses, to international multi-million-dollar corporations – ever since.
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Do you come to me or do you work remotely?”]

Short answer is: remotely but…

Usually I work remotely, we use Skype or Zoom or a similar application of your choice to connect.

If you live in the Vancouver BC Canada area an in-person meeting is possible, also while I am in Switzerland (usually in spring and in fall) an in-person meeting can be arranged. Connect with me for availability.
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Do you organize receipts?”]

Short answer is: No

I used to organize receipts for my clients. Now I prefer to teach you easy ways so you can do it yourself, check it out here.

Organizing your receipts yourself has many advantages, one being you are saving money because you don’t pay your bookkeeper or accountant to do this task. The second advantage is, you find quick and easy your receipts and papers when you need them.
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CRA / IRS / other Tax authority wants to audit me – can you help me?”] Short Answer is: No

Every country has a different tax code and within the country there can be different tax codes for each Province/State/Canton and sometimes different tax codes for different legal entities.

If you did your taxes yourself and now your tax authority wants to audit you, before you do anything you should contact a local Accountant or Tax Lawyer and discuss your case with her/him.

If your taxes have been done by an Accountant, then before you do anything, you have to contact your Accountant and let her/him deal with the situation.
[/pane] [pane title=”Do you do Budgets & Forecasts?”] Short answer is: Yes

I can help you create your budgets and forecasts, you can either book me by the hour here, or you buy one of my services here