September 23, 2015

How to handle files & finances in an empowering way with Maggie Graham

I am very excited to share with you this conversation I had earlier this week with the inspiring

Maggie Graham from Career Design and Coaching.

From the minute I read Maggie’s comment on my blog “How I will get you to do stuff” I knew I wanted to interview her. In her comment she said:

I am actually doing well with my financial organization. I think it’s because of the “story” element that you reference. I wanted to feel different about my money and I wanted to create a new story for myself about my capability and skill around money. 


I thought right away: how inspiring !

So if you ever

  • felt overwhelmed by paperwork and finances
  • had any shame or guilt around paperwork and money
  • wanted to know what weight loss has to do with finances

take the time (35 minutes) and listen to – I mean really dive into – this deep and profound conversation that Maggie and I had around paperwork & money. As Maggie says: It is really rewarding to dig into it, because once you make changes in your behavior, it will show up in all the rest of your life. 


01:30  Credentialing Gremlin?

05:00  Was she prepared to be self-employed?

06:50  She calls it “magical thinking” and why it does not serve us

08:45  The major steps to overcome and to start the journey

10:00  Maggie’s turning point and what that has to do with diet

13:00  What important exercise she does with her own clients

14:00  How the mindset has to change first

15:45  It’s a process, there is no magic pill

18:10  Maggie’s routines that keep her on track

19:15  How your habits around paperwork and money can have a bad effect on your clients

21:20  The canary in the coal mine: What falling out of your routine is signalling to you

22:25  What influence the mess in your finances has on the rest of your life

23:00  Two reasons why people are not willing to tackle their paper and financial problem

26:00  The game changer in the whole process

28:00  Is there a difference between women and men?

30:50  Maggie’s #1 tip

32:20  Finally: the best and most important benefit of the journey


Now over to you, what is your situation with paperwork and money, what is your story around it? Are you aware that your behavior and habits can have a bad effect on your clients? Leave a comment below and be part of the conversation.


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  • What a delight it was to do this interview with you, Conny! I’m so impressed with the timeline that you made of our conversation. That’ll make it easy for anyone to listen to it.

    • Thank you Maggie! It was indeed a delight to have this conversation with you, I really appreciate your time and also how open you are about your journey. You sure are an inspiration!

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