April 14, 2015

Make friends with your numbers


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I am in Switzerland right now, my home country, and it’s 4.41am…. yes hello jetlag !

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It’s always like this for me, the first night I sleep very well because I am exhausted from the trip and the time change. From the second night on jetlag starts to kick in, which means in my case, I wake up between 3-4am and can’t get back to sleep, and this can go on for up to a week.


Now rather than getting all annoyed, tossing and turning trying to force myself to fall back asleep, I learned to accept it and use this time as bonus time. Sometimes I read or browse the internet or watch a movie on my iPad.


Tonight is different, my mind seems extremely creative as I had already several ideas for my business that just came to me effortless and so I turned on the light, pulled out my ipad and started making notes.


One reason for this creative idea-down-pour could have to do with the fact that I was invited to a Mastermind evening with fellow entrepreneurs last Friday. It was the day after I arrived so I felt the jetlag already and I also had cought a nasty cold in the plane. Still I did not want to pass on this opportunity so I went. I only knew one person from a Facebook group but we hadn’t met in person before, the other five ladies were complete strangers to me and I to them.


I was warmly welcomed by everybody and the evening was amazing, such a good, positive, creative and supporting atmosphere. We all had our turn to say in about 2 minutes where we are in our business and what our
biggest challenge is right now. Then for about 15-20 minutes the others would give feedback, make suggestions and/or ask questions. From what I can tell each of us got some aha’s out of it, gained more clarity and/or some ideas how to move forward, I sure did.


I had a few really good conversations with other female entrepreneurs lately as well and what I heard over and over again is

– I am no numbers person
– numbers scare me
– I don’t want to deal with this
– I would not know where to start
– I am overwhelmed
– paperwork drives me nuts


But one comment hit me the hardest and makes me sad. It came from a very talented young entrepreneur who said:


I don’t know where to start and what to do next or how to deal with it so I don’t even want to make sales or grow my business.


How sad is that? She has a real gift and does an incredible job, she is a great person, has personality, a unique style in her work, she seems to be a go-getter in every other aspect but she is lost and does not know where to start when it comes to numbers so she rather doesn’t want to do business.


This is the kind of entrepreneur I want to help !


Because really, it is not that bad, it is not that complicated, it is not that time consuming…

… it is not that scary !


The truth is, if you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to be your own boss, if you want to live your dream, to deal with finances is a must. Even if you hire an accountant (which you should) you still want to have the overview over your finances. Otherwise it is as if you were the passenger in a car that has no driver and is flying through the dark night without the headlights on.


With the right system in place and some guidance it does not have to be a daunting task at all, on the contrary, once you worked yourself through the unknown, through your resistance and through the fog and your fear you will see and experience it for yourself.


Let me help you to make friends with your numbers.


Send me an email or leave a comment below and tell me about your biggest challenges with finances and paperwork, there is a solution, I promise, you can do this.

take care


PS: So who is this weird little snowman on the photo you might wonder?

Well this ‘snowman’ is called “Böögg” (bogeyman) and is the main attractions of the traditional spring holiday called “Sächsilüüte” here in Zürich Switzerland. It took place last Monday April 13 and I was there of course.

Following a parade, at six o’clock sharp, the absolute highlight of the holiday is the burning of the Böögg who is representing winter. He is filled with explosives…

yes explosives!

He serves as our weather forecaster too, the faster his head explodes the nicer and hotter the summer. Last Monday it took 20 minutes and 39 seconds for the head to explode, not a good sign, the summer might not be that great for Zurich… good thing I live in Vancouver Canada 🙂

You can read up more about this fun tradition dating back to the 16th century here

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