January 10, 2022

How To Ignite Self-Love with Katie Allen

Getting organized and clearing clutter is self-love, but it also needs self-love to wanting to get organized. So let's ignite self-love with Katie Allen. 

Katie shares with us her story from self-loathing to self-love 

We also talk about

  • how the self-image of women is defined 
  • the difference between "I love my body" and "I love how my body looks"
  • how to start your own journey to self-love

She shares very specific and practical tools how we can start our journey and what to look for when our brain wants to go back into self-loathing. 

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Katie Allen

Katie Allen is a mastery level certified self love & wellness coach. She primarily works with women entrepreneurs to help them learn to feel great in their bodies and overcome a poor body image so that they can confidently step up as a leader, get visible on video and in photos, and finally feel amazing in their body. She knows that as a leader, when you elevate your energy to that of self love, you become utterly magnetic to your audience!

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