June 21, 2021

How To Break Free From Limiting Beliefs with Mark Morton

Overcoming limited beliefs, stinking thinking, and self doubt and going through a holistic transformation, mind, body, sould and spirit.

Mark Morton is a Certified Transformation and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Mentor and trust me, just by listening to him you will feel already more motivated. 

Mark has an amazing story of overcoming limited beliefs, stinking thinking, and self doubt to then stepping into starting a coaching business, losing 65 lbs, and running his first 5k in record time for a new runner after believing he couldn't run even a block. 

Listen in how he went through a holistic transformation, we talk about: 

  • How you need to have awareness first, then figure out who you want to be, before you can change what you do
  • how he was on a weight roller coaster and through coaching realized that he invested a lot of energy in losing the weight but no energy in keeping it off
  • how the Couch to 5K (C25K) app helped him not only keep the weight off but also smash his limiting belief that he couldn't even run one block 
  • We also talk about how we can use the principles of this running app in other areas of our life, how we don't try to reach the goal in one session but we build up to it. 
  • how you can deal with your fear of change
  • why everyone needs either a counselor or a coach

The most important in the 3 steps is the 'learn' because you learn: 

  • why am I cluttering? 
  • why am I holding on to these things? 
  • why am I eating? 
  • why can I not loose the weight? 
  • why am I on this roller coaster? 

and then the "be" part, which is the middle part, is who do I want to be? What characteristics do I need to have? If I want to be a person who is free from clutter, how do I need to show up? What are my strengths, what are my weaknesses? 

When you understand these first two parts you can better design a "do" or an "action" to sustain the place you want to be. And that in itself is powerful. 

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Mark Morton

or Coach Mark is a Certified Transformation and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Mentor that has dedicated his life to working and serving others.

His mission is to build, encourage, and motivate holistic growth and transformation in individuals, groups, and organizations by busting through limiting beliefs about themselves and their abilities.

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