July 19, 2021

Claim Your Cosmic Fabulosity with DW Long

Claim your cosmic fabulosity by taming your monkey mind with mindfulness, mindful breathing, and staying in the present moment.

Dan Long is my guest today, we came across each other and started following each other on Instagram. Dan puts up reels where he takes on heavy topics and makes them a little bit more fun.

Eventually we connected and I invited him to the podcast. Dan is a licensed clinical social worker who has a private practice as a therapist and coach. He himself suffered from monkey mind, how he calls it, being anxious and worrying a lot. He shares with us his story out of the dark and

We are exploring 
  • how mindfulness helps us declutter our mind 
  • how mindful breathing helps us staying in the present moment
  • what practical steps help us to worry less
  • and last but not least how horses can assist us in becoming calm, mindful and in the present moment

When I'm outwardly focused, that whole like whatever's impacting me from the outside can determine how you feel on the inside, and for me that's just not a way to live because you know something bad happens, then you feel bad.

So what I've noticed over the course of my lifespan is that the clutter comes from when you start colluding with a bunch of monkey mind, you know all the automatic negative stuff that comes up.

For me, they're always little things, but then there are hundreds of them, or maybe even 1000s of them, so that kind of clutter, you start attending to that, it takes me out of the present moment.

I tend to be anxious anyway, so I'm often in the future, and so if I get out of the present moment. Well, that means I'm rolling around in a sandbox of [mental] clutter.

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DW Long

is a licensed clinical social worker who has private practices in both the therapeutic arena and the coaching arena where he works with clients on a global level.

He currently lives with his partner on the west coast of Scotland and in the not too distant future has two children’s books being released. DW is an avid Podcaster, hiker and forever student.

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