August 30, 2021

Healing Through Feeling with Jen Robinson

We are facing a second pandemic, a mental health pandemic, that Jen suggests we need to start talking about and healing through feeling.

You know Jen Robinson from episode 72 The Power of Community and we both feel it’s very important that we talk about the mental health effects that most of us in various capacities are feeling. Especially since so much more emphasis is put on keeping us safe from the virus and seemingly no focus is on what that does with our mental health.

For Jen, who calls herself an extreme extrovert, is has become a topic that is very dear to her heart. We talk about

  • what she as a former academic and trained researcher found out about the mental health pandemic
  • What to do and what not to do now that the world has opened up a bit again 
  • Why it is not just important to address this but even a matter of life and death to deal with the 
  • What you can do if you are struggling with challenging feelings all the way to anxiety and depression

One of the first things I found in my research is that our levels worldwide of depression and anxiety are sky high and the ramifications of that are very severe.

We're seeing many more people who are turning to drugs and alcohol. We are seeing many more people who are reverting to drugs and alcohol. We see people who are struggling with their work and their parenting, they're struggling with suicidal ideation.

These are very very life threatening situations that we as a world community need to address.

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Jen Robinson

is the creative force behind the wellness brand Peaceful Living Wellness. Her online magazine helps thousands of readers every day to lead healthy, happy lives!

As both a life-coach and business mindset coach she empowers women to break the self-defeating cycle of busy and to reconnect with their inner strength, their true needs, and to feel a deeper sense of meaning and purpose that restores their energy and motivation in life.

She is also a mom to two amazing teenagers - A.J. & Layna!

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