February 1, 2015

Pizza in no time and what that has to do with being organized


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My very first blog post about organizing and I write about Pizza!

There was this idea lingering in my head about a blog post... and not just any blog post, no-no, we are talking about my very first blog post.

Can you imagine?

I tried to resist it, thought for sure I needed to write about a more serious topic in my very first blog post but I did not get this pizza blog out of my head.


Yep, seriously.

It's Sunday today and Sunday at our house means Pizza Night 🙂 We started this tradition in 2010 and perfected it ever since.

So you might wonder, what does Pizza have to do with clutter, organization, files and finances?

Well, more than you might think! At least when you look at it through my eyes ... and no, we don't call the local delivery service and have the pizza delivered to our front door

nope, nope, nope !!!

We make our own pizza from scratch (want the recipe? Leave a comment below and I send it to you), it's a breeze and it takes us less time than it takes our oven to be heated to the right temperature (or your pizza delivery guy to show up at your door).

Now how do we do this?

Here the secret....

drum roll, please.....

be organized

What? Be organized?

Yes, it's that simple, be organized.

I make a batch of dough about once a month, the recipe gives me enough dough for 6 pizza-nights. I buy a big block of Mozzarella Cheese and cut it in portions and then I freeze everything in individual packages (dough and cheese).

Comes Sunday we take out one portion of pizza dough and one portion of Mozzarella and let it defrost on the counter. In the evening my husband acts as the Pizzaiolo and rolls out the dough (because the dough was in the freezer it is much easier to handle, a nice side effect of this system).

While hubby is dealing with the dough I cut onions, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers or what ever else we want to have on our pizza and we put the whole thing together.

Takes us about 5 minutes to make a pizza together.

What am I trying to say here?

  • this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your spouse ♥
  • if you are organized you can have a pizza on the table quicker than your local pizza delivery service can ring on your door (even if your oven preheats to 550F as slow as ours does).
  • home made pizza tastes way better and is also much healthier for you!
  • but most importantly: everything is easier when you are organized!


This is true for almost all areas and aspects of our life (not just for making pizza) and it is especially true when it comes to your business and your finances.

With this blog and website, I want to help you clear your clutter, get organized, and finally understand your finances so you can "Move with ease, from chaos to peace". 

Take care!


PS: If you want the recipe to make your own pizza, scroll down and leave a comment and I'll email it to you. 

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