March 20, 2023

Thinking Of Spring Cleaning?

When is the right time for spring cleaning, does it matter when you do it, and what's the difference to clutter clearing?

What you'll discover in this episode:

  • What I found out about the history of spring cleaning
  • Why spring is the beginning of the new year for me
  • My experiences of what the cycles of the moon have to do with spring cleaning and clutter clearing -->

With spring being here we will also see more and more articles about spring cleaning. But even besides those, you might intrinsically feel like cleaning your home off the winter dust and dirt and make it airy, light and fresh.

In this episode I talk about when is the right time to spring clean and my 25+ years of experience with (spring) cleaning in alignment with the Moon cycles. 

The life you want is on the other side of all your clutter

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