June 7, 2017

What happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation?


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Have you ever wondered what happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation? My dear friend and fellow Clutter Clearing Practitioner Annette Kurtz was featured by the Nevada Business Chronicles in June 1st, 2017 and the show gives a great glimpse into how we conduct such a consultation.

The video is almost 30 minutes long and you might not have the time to watch it. That’s why I give you timestamps of some important parts. This way you can jump directly to the part that interests you most.

Watch the video below:


2:10 The Initial Chat. Every Clutter Clearing Consultation starts with a short chat, about 10 minutes long. This is to clarify what a client is hoping to get help with, about the problem, how long it has been going on, and how it is affecting them.

4:00 First Look at the area, in this case, a closet

6:45 A good example how a Clutter Clearing Practitioner asks questions

7:25 a fun example when the client sees all her shoes in one place

8:50 4 hours later, see how the closet looks now and what the clientĀ thinks about it

10:54 back with Mitch who is very surprised by the impact that this clutter clearing session has made. As a result, he is now inspired to tackle his own clutter in his garage

12:15 first look at Mitch’s garage

12:40 Mitch explains his dilemma about this project

18:20 a very important point is being discussed here: whatever happens during a Clutter Clearing Consultation is completely confidential!

20:35 listen to what Mitch says why he is blown away. I would like to add, as Clutter Clearing Practitioners we never tell you to get rid of anything, it’s always entirely up to you.

22:30 the reveal of the clutter cleared and organized garage

If you are now inspired, like Mitch, to tackle your own problem zone(s), schedule a FREE phone consultation with me here.

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