April 3, 2015

When the pain becomes too much, a task moves immediately to the top of your To-Do list


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it was the first thing that had to go! We both agreed.


It was fall 2011 and we just had bought our 4th fixer upper in 6 years. There was a lot that needed to be done in the house and on the 7 acres. But first and most importantly – we both agreed – this ugly and useless gate at our new driveway had to be replaced!


Or so we thought – while waiting for possession day.

When the ‘pain’ becomes too much, a task, that we had procrastinated for over three years, moved to the top of the To-Do list without question or debate. https://connygraf.com #grafetized


Then, overwhelmed from moving our household, animals, and businesses, overwhelmed with a long list of what all had to be cleaned, fixed, cleared, renovated and/or built, we somehow lost track of this most “important task”.


We reassured ourselves with all kinds of excuses (no time, other more important things to do, we can’t do it all etc) why we could not take care of this task just yet.


Fast forward 3 years, 3 months and 1 day and this ugly gate was still in place,

  • we had been annoyed with this gate every single day
  • we knew that this gate was not keeping anybody out (nor in)
  • we had to manually open and shut this ugly gate, often several times a day also in rain, snow or hail
  • we were hurting ourselves, by pinching or cutting our fingers, when operating this ugly gate

all that for over three years, but it still was …

… not enough pain!


But then….


an unexpected and unpleasant visit changed everything!


When they left, we were in turmoil and very upset (an understatement). It is not relevant for this story who they were and what they wanted, but what is relevant is:


That Tuesday at noon, suddenly and unexpectedly the ‘pain’ became too much and this task, that we had procrastinated for over three years, moved to the top of the list, without question or debate.


A few days later the parts were ordered and less than a month later a new gate was in place. It turned out it was not such a big and time-consuming job as our mind made us think.


I believe we all have them!

These important tasks that need to get done, but for one reason or another, we are procrastinating. We are comforting ourselves with a long list of excuses  … until one day we have a “Tuesday at noon”. The pain becomes too much, and we have no choice but to take care of this task now.


To our surprise we then discover, it wasn’t all that bad, time-consuming, complicated, painful, or ………………..(feel free to fill in your own excuse, better off, leave a comment below). With the task finally off our plate, we feel a huge relief.


We’re starting to wonder – why did it take me so long?


Take the time it takes, and it takes less time

Pat Parelli


For you, it is most likely not a gate that needs to be fixed. But what important task are you procrastinating? I encourage you to take the time and make the first step towards tackling it. Often this first step brings everything into a flow and before you know it, the job is done.


The sweet reward is a sense of accomplishment and the wonderful feeling of a burden lifted off your shoulders (you probably also sleep better again at night).


Share with me, what is your dreaded task, what is the excuse you have and what is the first step you are going to take now towards tackling this job? Please leave a comment below or hit reply and send me an email.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care!


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