July 26, 2017

Why we are so attached to our things


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Have you ever wondered why letting go of things is so hard?


Letting go of things can be tough!


If you have a hard time purging things even though you don’t love or use them, let me tell you: 




In fact, even babies can already show “violent rage” when deprived of something they consider their own. It’s called the Endowment Effect: 



Karen Kingston gives us a tip on how to be able to let go of items despite the endowment effect. The solution is to ask yourself:


Before I discovered I had this item, how much effort would I have been willing to put in to obtaining one just like it?

You can read here blog post here.


British Columbia is in the State of Emergency as I write, while countless fires are still burning, nearly 45,000 residents had been forced to leave their homes and almost a hundred homes were claimed by the flames. 


This is very tragic but you might wonder, why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with how attached I am to things? 



  • Would you be ready to leave your home at a moments notice in case of a fire or other disaster?


  • Do you know where all your and your family’s important paperwork is, do you have it all in one place ready to grab and run?


And if that all was taken care of, your loved ones and pets safe, important paperwork, credit cards, money etc taken care of, and you could only take 5 treasured items


What would you take with you and why?


Remember in case of an emergency you would not have much time to ponder on this question. That’s why some people take the weirdest things under stress and leave the important, treasured items behind.


You on other hand have time to think about this for as long as you want.


Think about it now!



What are the things that YOU are most attached to and are these the ones you would take in case of a fire or other emergency? Let me know in the comments below.


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