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Peace of Mind

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Is Clutter And Chaos Suffocating Your Business, Life and Soul? 

  • do you feel restricted by the clutter and chaos in your office? 
  • do you find that the clutter and mess is suffocating your creativity and productivity? 
  • do you work on the kitchen table or at a coffee shop instead of your own office? 
  • is the chaos and overwhelm interfering with you serving your clients? 
  • are you in a constant time crunch and experience feelings of stress, frustration and  sometimes even like a failure because of the mess and chaos in your office and business?
  • did you spend days (or weeks) to get ready for this years tax season which caused you even more stress and overwhelm and hurt your business success? 
  • do you cringe when you think of next tax season or your next appointment with your bookkeeper/accountant? 

You Are Not Alone!

In 2010 Statistics Canada stated that for 62% of Canadians work was identified as the primary culprit of stress.

This probably hasn't changed to the better since then, on the contrary. 

Making things worse ~ and work even more stressful ~ is being disorganized.

The More Objects In The Visual Field, The Harder Your Brain Has To Work To Filter Them Out. This Is Causing Your Brain To Tire Over Time And Reduces Its Ability To Function.

Your desk in disarray causes a drop of 20% in your efficiency and productivity which costs you countless dollars in lost revenue and/or unnecessary expenses. Studies are claiming the average business owner spends at least 400 hours per year searching for documents, that's almost 8 hours a week or an hour a day!

Clutter stresses us out & Steals Our Time!

Stop wasting your prescious time!

Time is the only thing no matter what you do  - you can't make more of.

Investing some time to clear the chaos around you will allow you to allocate wasted time searching for things to either more focused work or more time for what you love most.

It is one of the easiest ways I know to more peace, focus and success in your life and business!

This is a 21-day live program you'll introduced to my framework on how to achieve and maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace and elegant finances. You’ll need to invest about 3-4 hours a week to attend the live calls, watch any recommended lessons and implement what you learn. 

We also talk about how not everything works for everyone and how to figure out how you tick by nature and after nurture which will give you more peace of mine

You'll Create Space in your business for the things that matter most: serving your clients and making (more) money. This gives you peace of mind, peace of space and peace & profits.

The Benefits of Chaos to Peace Jumpstart:

benefit 1

You get to know yourself better, how you tick, and start only doing what works for you and not what you think you need to do. 


You learn my framework for how to organize a workspace and customize it to your specific situation and needs. 


You'll have structure and be more organized from the get-go and learn what I do that it stays that way. 


You’ll not doing this alone, you'll get support in a small group setting where there is plenty of time to get your questions answered and to hear what the others are doing. 


We'll meet once a week live on Zoom where I show you step by step how to clear your chaos and you get to start implementing right away. 


This jumpstarts your journey from chaos to peace and gives you a foundation to build on going forward in creating your own supportive workspace. 

What my Clients say

My dream come true, you are super great! 

I feel so free and peaceful when I walk into my office now. It's what I always wanted and never knew how to do it. Thakn you, my dream came true. 

donna willon - Focused networking

I have used the zones for getting organized

Zones are working for my kitchen, bedroom and personal desk as well as all shelves and floor space are being honoured. Thank you Conny.

Nancy Mary stubbs

You have an effective and engaging way of including everyone

Your simple yet powerful nuggets to get to the heart of the matter is refreshing. I found it useful to remember that we are all 'in process' and to be gentle. Thank you.


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And in this live Program I'll cover ...


Peace-ful Self
  • Discover how you tick and why you haven't been able to get organized YET. 
  • Learn what works for you and what doesn't and implement habits that support your nature. 
  • AMA call to get your questions answered and implementation call for cameradery and accountability. 

Module 1

Live calls


Peace of Space
  • Learn how to set up your physical workspace for success with my framework customized to your situation. 
  • Tame Your File Monster once and for all. Together we evaluate what filing systems and processes are the right fit for you
  • Let me show you what I do to maintain a clutter-free and supportive workspace in just a few minutes a day. 

Module 2

Live calls


Peace & Profits
  • Learn what is way more important to do with your finances than getting your numbers to your accountant for tax season  
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Module 3

Live calls

This is different from a digital course, it's a small-group implementation program. I want this to be a do-able but also fun way for you to finally make progress in getting organized.

The vibe is colleague-to-colleague. I will help you. I will be available to you for your question. I will notice if you don’t show up for the live calls and check in on you. Instead of you just buying a course and hoping for the best, you'll be doing this together with me and others. 

Who this is for?

This is for you if: 

  • You are a coach, consultant, or service provider and are mission driven

  • You care about yourself and want to grow (self-development, self-leadership)

  • You are done procrastinating and ready to take action and willing to try (new) things

  • You value getting help from me over trial and error and staying stuck in chaos

  • Will consider going from chaos to peace a big win

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You rather keep struggling iwth the way things are than making a change
  • You are not willing to put in some time and effort to do the work
  • You don't want to grow your business, serve your clients better and make (more) money while being less stressed and less overwhelmed
  • You would rather work with me one-on-one (that's great, too)
  • Doesn't consider going from chaos to peace important 

become a founding member and


Hi, I'm Conny Graf (she/her)

I am a (Swiss) certified Expert in Finance & Accounting, a certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner and Astrologer. 

I am on a mission to make people aware that clutter is so much more than they think and that clearing the clutter (physical, digital, financial, social, mental and emotional clutter) in their life and business is an act of self-care and self-love. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If, for any reason, you don't like this live course, you can get a full refund anytime within 10 days after your purchase. Just get in touch and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be 100% clutterfree and organized by the end of the 21 days? 

Write the answer to the question here. This way, your visitors can easily pick the questions that matter to them, without being distracted by loads of text from the FAQ.

Is this program pre-recorded?  

Only part of the trainings are pre-recorded the rest will be created live with your participation. 

Are the modules dripped out?

Yes, not because I want to withhold anyting from you but because this is a guided and live experience and because some of the content we'll create together. 

What if I have no time to be live on the calls?

While there’s nothing quite like joining in real time, I also understand that you’re busy. All three live sessions are recorded and made available shortly afterward, which means you can always catch up and rewatch them. 

What if I have no time to do the work? 

Think of it as investing time instead of spending time. You waste a lot of time searching for things and being disorganized. Statistics show that people could save up to an hour a day if they were more organized. If you invest some time to get organized you will reap the benefits in the future not just in saved time but also in less overwhelm and stress. 

When will this program be offered again, and what will the price be? 

If this first co-hort is a success, most likely in fall, but possibly at a higher price.

Is there a DIY version for less money? 

Not yet, but eventually I might make this available as a self-study version. 

I have another question!

No problem, send can send any questions to conny at conny graf dot com or hit "replay" on any email. 

Be one of the founding members and transform your space from chaos to peace with ease.