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Track your Numbers


A bookkeeper records all your sales and expenses, if you have a good one all accounts are up to date at all times and the bank accounts and credit cards reconciled.

An accountant files your taxes, she/he makes sure you follow the tax code while optimizing the tax bill, meaning paying as little taxes as necessary within the legal boundaries of course.

What both of them usually don’t do to for example:

  • helping you to budget and track your cash flow
  • helping you create a detailed budget tailored to your business
  • comparing actual figures with the budget on a regular basis
  • they don’t keep an eye on your Sales split, your Gross Margin or your bottom line on an ongoing basis
  • they might not explain to you that your inventory is too high (or too low) or that you are buying the wrong inventory

This is where I can come in and help you out. If you have no financial tracking in place at all, check out my Solving your Financial Puzzle Packages.


1-1 Online Business Controlling

I meet you where you are!

If you have a specific problem or issue with tracking your finances, budgeting, analysing your numbers and so much more.

1-1 Consulting on an hourly basis for   $120.00 per hour


Schedule a FREE Discovery Call. Finances is a sensitive topic, in these 20 minutes we check if we click and how I can help you.

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