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where I explore, sometimes Solo and often with a guest, how a few minutes a day can keep the chaos away. And with chaos I'm talking about the physical, digital, social, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that can accumulate in our life. 

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Check out my main concepts and principles around clearing clutter in our home, office, files & finances, and why I say Clearing Clutter is Self-Love

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Office & Workspace

The more objects in the visual field, the harder our brain has to work to filter them out. This is causing your brain to tire over time and reduces its ability to function which in turn negatively affects your productivity. 


Home & Life

Your home is a mirror of your soul, a reflection of you, as within so without. If your home looks bad, you feel bad. 

files & Finances

Tame Your File Monster & Elegant Finances 

The File Monster is papers and digital files incl. emails that enter your life and business and are not dealt with properly. What you have to realize is Files are Money, files need a home, and files need a system and all that leads to Elegant Finances

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