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Very first episode of the Podcast:

Introduction to me, Conny Graf, who I am, and what my philosophy around decluttering and being organized is. Why I say "a few minutes a day keep the chaos away" and what to expect in future episodes. 

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Episode Transcript

Welcome everyone how is it going, this is the very first episode of the From Chaos to Peace podcast, thank you so much for being here. I am so excited that you are listening in, but also freaked out at the same time as you can imagine... 

So you might wonder, who the heck is Conny and why does she think you will want to listen to her. 


I looooove listening to podcasts and one of the main reasons is that I can do something else at the same time, yeees multi-tasking but in a good way. For example, I can do the dishes, or fold and put away clean clothes, or file my papers or any other chore or task that I find rather boring otherwise and listen to an interesting or inspiring podcast at the same time. In fact, I often look forward to do these chores and tasks, so I have the time and opportunity to listen to my favourite podcast.

One day during a consultation a client told me "I often have you in my ear Conny, and I quickly do a few minutes of decluttering and organizing, and my life is so much easier because of it. thank you"  

This brought me to the idea, that I could be in more than just my clients ears, I could be in a lot of people's ears... chuckling.... and so here we are with episode 1 of the from chaos to peace podcast. Again welcome!

But lets me honest, being a podcast listener doesn't qualify me for talking about decluttering and organizing your home, office, files and finance right, so here a little bit more about me.

I am a Swiss, born in Iceland, living in Western Canada right now. Since 1996 (yeees this ages me) I am a certified expert in finance, accounting and controlling and since 2016 also a clutter clearing coach. But since I am living on acreage with a menagerie of animals (right now horses, dogs, cats & chickens) I am NOT your typical bean counter or clutter clearing muse.

Heaven on earth for me is going horseback riding, I am an avid reader and I also love to garden. I collect Teddy bears and grow orchids (yes even a clutter clearing coach I can be a collector)  I am a wee bit woo-woo but also very down to earth, often i have hay in my hair and a coffee in my hand.

Soo, I am pretty much the opposite of the Japanese Decluttering Expert Marie Kondo and I am definitely less famous. What I do have in common with Marie Kondo is that already as a little girl I had a passion for decluttering and organizing. On a regular basis I would go through my possessions, purge what I didn't want anymore, and find the best storage solution for the ones I wanted to keep. As a employee and later freelancer in the finances world I was knows to be very organized and to have a clear desk even when I was ultra busy and under pressure.

But you know what... enough about me, let's talk about the topic of this episode and why I think that "a few minutes a day keep the chaos away". 

So first and foremost I believe decluttering is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. What I mean by that is, the solution to your chaos is not an exhausting weekend-long decluttering frenzy every so many months but daily habits are the magic wand to eventually live a clutter free and organized life.

I often compare decluttering with losing weight, and the weekend long decluttering frenzy with a crash diet. We all know crash diets don't work and actually create that jo-jo effect where we carry around more weight afterward than we had before. It's similar with decluttering, if you don't change your dialy habits you will have a chaos again in a few days, weeks or months and because this cycle is so exhausting you most likely have a bigger chaos than before.

This is why I say "a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away" and I will help you with this podcast to come up with easy habits and simple systems that eventually become automatic and help prevent the clutter from creeping back in.

I am not the only one that talks about small consistent actions being the solution to a bigger problem or the path to reach a goal. There is the famous actor Bruce Lee that apparently said "long term consistency trumps short term intensity", there is the New York bestselling book by James Clear called "Atomic Habits" which is one of my favourite books on the topic, and there is also BJ Fogg, a professor at Standford University who's class and programm is called Tiny Habits. So I would say I am in good company 🙂

So rather than pushing yourself to a regular decluttering frenzy every so many weeks or months my aim is to show you how to approach decluttering and being organized in a way that ultimately becomes simply the way you live your life. I help you integrate daily simple habits that are easy and become automatic, this will positively change your day-to-day life and being organized will simply be a side-effect.

In the future podcast episodes I'll offer you tools, tips and techniques that can be applied in as little as five minutes a day, yet will still have a profound impact on your space and attitude, in your life and in your business.

I will also talk in more depth about why in my eyes Decluttering is mainly an act of self-love and not just about purging, minimalism, or creating a show-room like home or office environment. In is a way to create a life you love and make room for new goals, dreams, and experiences.

I will invite you to practice awareness, be kind to yourself, and to honour your own preferences and needs. What I talk about on this podcast is not prescriptive. I will not tell you what to keep or what to give away and I don't have any rigorous rules.

Instead I offer you simple frameworks that, if put them into practice, will help you figure out what truly matters to you, expands your ability to appreciate what you have and helps you make conscious choices about what you are ready to let go of.

Vicki McLeod, my friend and co-author of our eBook "From Chaos to Peace - a simple program to clear your clutter and change your life" calls this "giving your future self elbow room - room to grow, discover, evolve and change, all at the pace of your own wisdom".  The book is based on our annual Decluttering is Self-Love challenge that we just wrapped up for the third time on February 29, 2020.

Ok my friends, that's what I have for you today and for this first episode. I hope you are intrigued and interested so far and will listen in again and again. My hope and idea is that you will listen to my podcast while you declutter a small area in your home or office

You find all the links of the things I was taking about in the show notes, you find them at www.connygraf.com/podcast/1 . 

Next week I will talk about the different kinds of clutter that exists, you might be surprised. Thank you for joining me on the podcast and have a beautiful and amazing week. Please subscribe so you never miss an episode, see you next time, take good care.


If you have a question about decluttering, organizing or something you heard me talk about on the podcast I'd like to invite you to a free public call "ask Conny". You can ask me a question anonymously or just listen in what others ask.

Go to ConnyGraf.com forward slash "ask Conny" and register. I look forward to seeing you there. 

What you'll discover in this episode

  • Why I started this podcast
  • What qualifies me to talk about declutterig and organizing your home, office, files, and finances
  • Why I say a few minutes a day keep the chaos away and what that has to do with diets
  • My approach to decluttering & organizing and what to expect in future episodes.


If you have any questions: 

If you have a question about decluttering, organizing or something you heard me talk about on the podcast I'd like to invite you to a free public call "ask Conny". You can ask me a question anonymously or just listen in what others ask.

Register here, I look forward to seeing you there. 

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