April 13, 2020

Priorities And Gratitude

What are your priorities in life and does your 'normal' life reflect them? What are you grateful for right now that you have in your life and what is missing or what is or became a burden? 

These days that we are spending at home during the lockdown, during this Covid-19 crisis, are different than our regular life. 

The picture that comes to my mind is a magnifying glass or even a microscope. It's almost like we see our life close up and at the same time we also see a bigger picture. 

Listen in to identify your priorities, to be grateful for what you have and to take action on what you want to change.

What you'll discover in this episode

  • While our normal life is on hold we can reflect if we are living according to our priorities or not
  • how we might realized what really is important to us, where we really want to spend our time, energy and money on in the future

  • My 3-step action plan to take inventory of your life and to start making changes 


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