November 29, 2021

The Power Of Intention

New Moon in Sagittarius puts the focus on the future and the big picture, the perfect time to plan the months ahead.

As I said before New Moons are great for intention setting and goal setting because the energy is about new beginnings and is helping us with anything new we set out to do. 


I am right now in reflection mode for my business and also for the podcast. So much has changed in the past couple of years, both in my personal life but also, as we all know, in the world.

Two days from now we enter the last month of 2021 and a month from now we go into a new year. A lot of people set goals and resolutions (which is similar to intentions) on New Year's Eve but those resolutions are often promptly forgotten about.

According to a statistic I found 25% of people abandon their New Years resolution already after just one week. Well, we all know, life happens and we get busy, we get sidetracked and we forget all about it if we are not mindful.

You have to have a habit of reviewing and renewing your intentions and keeping track of your actions. 

I am reviewing my business, my why, my goals and since I am doing this reflection and then intention setting for 2022 I thought I take you along for the ride. 

If you are a business owner and you haven't planned for 2022 yet you are actually already a bit late! December is usually way too busy to plan the next year, and also, if you wait till January it could create an issue in your business.

Because remember, before you set intentions and plan for the new year, you also need to look back and do a review, especially to see if you want and need to make adjustments starting January 1st. So it's a good idea to review 

Our Why, Our Values and our Priorities 

you can ask yourself, and journal about: 

  • What is your why for having your business? 
  • What are your values and priorities in business and life? 
  • Were the actions you were taking in 2021 aligned with your values and priorities?⁣⁠ If not, what needs to change? 

Those are important questions so take some time to think about. Also write some things down, write down why you are doing what you're doing and what your values and priorities are. 

After that you are ready to set new intentions or reinforce and refresh your intentions. 

New Moon in Sagittarius

This blog post is not to teach you Astrology but I can't help myself and tell you just a little bit what Sagittarius means. 

Sagittarius is the trailblazer of the zodiac, there is an adventurous and infectious energy to it and with such an energy it’s the perfect New Moon to set intentions for the upcoming months and 2022.

Sagittarius is also the explorer and adventurer that loves to see the big picture, and that's what we want right now to start the process of planning 2022. 

Having a vision, the big picture, getting clear on the why, the values and the priorities helps us to set intentions and commit to the aligned actions that we need to take in the months to come.

It also helps us to identify what we need to let go of, what to declutter so to speak in our business. Maybe we need to let go of a certain service or product, or let go of a certain way of thinking about our business or our services.

So here is what to do: 

  1. Get clear on your vision and goals for 2022 – spend some time gaining clarity on what you truly want. For now it's ok to be broad as in “double the revenue” or "serve more people" but the narrower and more precise and detailed you can be the better. 
  1. Identify your limiting beliefs – pay attention to all the stories you’re telling yourself that are blocking you. Is the gremlin in your ear telling you it’s not possible, or are you a bit terrified of it coming true? Realizing these beliefs are stories and we can choose to release them - declutter them - at any moment. is liberating. But yes that sounds so much easier than it is, I struggle with it too. 
  1. Trust & believe in our power and the help of the Universe – Colette Baron-Reid often says, if you do just one step, the universe will do 20 in your favour. 

By the time you’re clear and ready to go, the next New Moon will be in Capricorn which is the sign of action and productivity. How perfect is that.  

Because just setting intentions is of course only the start. Then we need to drill deeper and take the time to plan out our year, plan our time and finances. which is the best and most effective way to see results in our business and life. 

When we decide how we want to use our time and money rather than just reacting to what ever comes our way, we harness the power of intention and as a result we feel more clear and more in control. 

The Power Of Intention

If you want to hear more about intention setting and planning, and if want to harness the supportive energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius together with me and others, sing up for my free Zoom call From Chaos to Peace with Intention on Friday December 3rd at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern and 7 pm Central European time. 

I will share how I personally set intentions and how I make sure these intentions don't get lost or forgotten like New Years resolutions. 

If you read this after December 3rd, 2021 go >>>here and find the next New Moon Intention call that you can sign up for, I usually do these every New Moon. 

If you have any feedback or input, feel free to reach out, you can contact me here or find me on Social Media and send me a direct message. I'd love to hear from you. 

If you like some help moving from chaos to peace, if you struggle with clutter in your life, business files or finances schedule a complimentary Clutter to Clarity Chat. Together we will figure out what's the best thing you do 'for a few minutes a day, to keep the chaos away'.   ❤️



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